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Version Management, CMC


When I install BI 4.0 FP3 or BI 4.0 SP4 patch on BI 4.0 SP2, I am unable to launch the Version Management application from CMC.


This error occurs because the Version Management Settings fields are empty.


Configure the Version Management settings manually and restart the Adaptive Processing Server (APS)

1. Log on to CMC.
2. Navigate to Applications in CMC home page.
3. Right-click Version Management and choose VM Settings.
4. Enter the following fields:
Server Name: Name of the machine on which SubVersion is installed.
Server Port: SubVersion port
User Name: SubVersion user name
Password: SubVersion password
Install Path: SubVersion install location
Repository Name: Name of the LCM repository
Workspace Directory: Path of the Checkout folder.
5. By default, svn protocol will be selected. Retain the same setting.
6. Save and close the VM Settings.
7. Go to Servers in the CMC home page.
8. Select Servers List.
9. Restart APS.

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