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The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of the system logic and requirements in relation to editing attachments through the edit button in the Content Management Attachments Advanced view in the CRM Web UI with CRM 7.0 and EHP1 or higher.


This page is set to lay out the steps necessary to edit documents in the Content Management Attachments Advanced view within CRM 7.0 with EHP1 or higher in the WEB UI. Due to security changes the system behaviour has altered and has been replaced with a new feature.

Old Behaviour:

Within the Web UI it previously had the ability to edit any format document (for example Excel and Word format) by clicking the edit button in Content Management Attachments advanced view.

New Behaviour:

The system now only has Microsoft word application integrated in CRM for online editing.

From CRM 7.0 with EHP1 or higher the ability to edit attachments that are not of the format “Microsoft Word” through the edit button in the attachments assignment block advanced view is no longer possible due to security changes. The only format eligible to be edited directly through the Web UI is Microsoft Word.  The system behaviour for this task is now to use the new Check In/Check Out feature.

The possibility to edit online is only supported for MS Word documents. For other document types (including Excel) the user has to use the new check in, check out feature. To edit attachments, which are not “Microsoft Word” then you must check them out first and then check them in again after editing the document on your local hard disk. Please see below on the steps necessary to perform this new feature.

Steps for Check In/Check Out:

1. Select the word document from Advanced view list.
2. Click on the "Check Out" button on the tool bar.
3. Click on "save" on the pop up window to save the document on your local hard drive.
4. Open the file in the valid software necessary and edit the document.
5. Save the changes and close the software when done.
6. Once the changes have been made and saved, click on the "Check In" button.
7. A pop up window will be displayed which will allow you to browse for the file you have modified. Select the file and click on the "Attach" button.

The new version of the document will be uploaded to the Content Management server and displayed in the Advanced view list.

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As of CRM 7.0 Enhancement pack 1 the ability to edit documents online through the Web UI is no longer possible due to security changes in the system. However this ability has been replaced by an easy to use check in and checkout feature for editing documents through the Content Management attachments advanced view in the Web UI.

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  1. Dear Conall,

    are you aware of the improvement of this behaviour that was provided just recently by Note 1735356 - Editing MS Word files in CRM Content Management ? Is that only valid for MS Word files ore is the complete functionality back?

    Best regards