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The purpose of this Wiki is to understand when the ‘perform course appraisal’ link is visible when a user has a booking on course


To know more about this behavior, we must first review the necessary information, and then know how to reproduce it so that we can understand the reason of it.

1. Obtaining the necessary information:

For replicating the above scenario, create a future dated course (for example on today’s date i.e. 02.09.2012, a course is scheduled on 03.09.2012) 


2. Reproducing the behavior:

Please refer the picture below where learner is going to take this course by booking it today



After booking, learner is not able to see ‘perform course appraisal’ link 



3. Reason:

The course appraisal link will be visible in the learning portal on the date of the course. It does not depend on the time. This can be checked in the BSP application HCM_LEARNING and page is TRAINING.HTM

4. Solution:

Learner booked today on today’s course will be able to see the course appraisal link a shown below