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There are two main OT processing blocks during the query runtime:

  • OLAP Processor (or Analytic Engine) is the layer responsible for receiving and processing frontend requests. Depending on the navigation, the frontend sends information what characteristics are in the drilldown (rows and columns), what values have been filled into variables and what dynamic filters might have been set. This information is summarized (and merged with the fixed filters) into an OLAP request and handed over to the Data Manager. The Data Manager then retrieves the data from the respective InfoProvider, and hands it back to the OLAP Processor which then performs the calculations, currency translations, eception aggregations etc defined in the query. See note 1151957 where some more information is provided regarding the processing sequence.
  • Data Manager (DM) is the layer responsible for translating the OLAP request for data retrieval from the different InfoProvider-types (e.g. Basis Cube, MultiProviders or Virtual Cubes). It also creates the necessary (SQL) statements which are finally processed by the data base/BWA/HANA.

In this part of the OT Wiki you can find more information to the DataManager and some related topics. See also the "Main Processing Layers" of page OLAP Core.


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