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WebDynpro Hotfix

Many webdynpro bugs were fixed with patches delivered for every specific Support Package (from now on referred as: SP). Thus, if you find some strange webdynpro behavior then we suggest you to apply the latest WebDynpro Runtime patch (referred as: PL) for the given SP.

The patches are cumulative, which means that a PL5 includes also PL1 of the given SP.
Rollback possible by simple deploying a different PL on the same SP. But you musn't rollback the SPs.

Q: Is the fix for SP10 PL10 included in SP11 PL0 ?
A: Not always, Imagine the situation that SP11 PL0 was already released when SP10 PL10 created...
Deploy always the highest PL of the given SP.

Please also notice, that always only for the last 3 Support Packages will be new fixes made by the developers, i.e. in case the you have not one of the last 3 SPS and a new bug occurs, then the only suggestion we can make is an upgrade to a higher level.


#1501448 – Download Web Dynpro SCAs in NetWeaver 7.3

7.1X, 720

use always the latest fix for the SCs WD-RUNTIME, FRAMEWORK and BIWDALV.SCA (+BIWDALVESI.SCA for PI). See the note for details :
#1395865 - How-To Download Web Dynpro SCAs

640/700 (including EHPs)

For 640/700(+EHPs) you can use the general note:
#1395627 - Import a patch for WebDynproRuntime Java

Explanation on the Component Info page (SP Stack info)

On the ComponentInfo we are mostly interested in these lines:  SAP_JTECHF  7.00 SP15 (1000.  SAP AG  SAP_JTECHS  7.00 SP15 (1000.  SAP AG
                                     ^^^^ ^^ ^

I.e. <vendor> <SC> <release>.<SP>.<PL>
In this example you can see that the current version of the WD runtime is 700 SP15 PL0, i.e. this is the initial level, no patches have been applied yet.  SAP_JTECHF  7.00 SP15 (1000.  SAP AG  SAP_JTECHS  7.00 SP15 (1000.  SAP AG
                                     ^^^^ ^^ ^

Here we you can see that while SAPJTECHF has been patched to PL12, the SAPJTECHS is still on the initital level.

Ensure that SAPJTECHS has the same SP (PL doesn't count here) than SAPJTECHF and the other components which are starting this way, otherwise we cannot really support it :  <SC NAME>  7.00.15
^^^^^^^             ^^^^ ^^

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