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This wiki will give a brief explanation on how to create your own project, subproject adn object using the LSM Workbench tool.


The Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW) is a tool that supports data migration from external/ legacy systems to SAP systems.


This includes all the data of an application that is to be transferred to the SAP system.
The project will consist of a Subproject and a Business Object (object). One project can have several subprojects assigned to it.


This is an organisational unit assigned to a Project. A subproject can have a number of different objects.


This is a Business Object derived from the business point of view, which is sued to transfer the data to the SAP system.
An object consists of a number of different components like tables, structures for the data transfer, relationship between the data at table and field level and field assignments for conversion of data.
An object is assigned to a Subproject. Customer master, material master etc are examples of objects.

Let's Begin

1. Select transaction code LSMW to display the initial screen.
2. Enter a project, subproject and an object. Click on "Edit -> "Create Entry" if you want to create a new project, subproject or object.

2. Click on "Execute" and the selection list of steps is displayed.

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