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With transaction RRMX you can launch BExAnalyzer from the SAPGUI. Executing a workbook from 'SAP Easy Access Menu' or RRMXP uses the same architecture. This page includes all known SAP GUI 770 issues related to RRMX with BW release 7.0 onwards.
  • Only SAP GUI 7.70 for Windows is fully supported. Older versions are out of support. See note 147519.
  • This page does not include the issues solved with current frontend patch mentioned in Current BI ADDON thus the test MUST be done with Current BI ADDON patch.
  • This page only mentions code/parameter changes required in the BW ABAP server.

A - How Tx RRMX works

  • The Tx RRMX generates a shortcut file which contains all necessary information (including the ticket for authorization which is valid for only 2 minutes) for establishing the connection between BEx Analyzer and backend system.  
  • The generated file has the extension *.7xbex.
  • The file is downloaded temporarily.
    • To identify the temporary folder, access the class CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES with SE24 or SE80 and execute the Method GET_TEMP_DIRECTORY.
    • Example: C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\SAP\SAP GUI\tmp
    • The user MUST have write permission under this folder.
    • The extension *.7xbex must be associated with SAP BExAnalyzer Program in Contro Panel\Default Programs\Set Associations.
  • Once the BEx Analyzer is started and the connection is established, the shortcut file is deleted automatically.

1 - BEx Analyzer version

It goes without saying that BEx Analyzer 7x  must be installed and working when launched in Windows. ONLY the 7x version must be used. There are three ways to set the BEx Analyzer version for Tx RRMX which is described below. If you have a configuration other than mentioned below, you may observe an error or Not opening of BEx analyzer. One of the reason is that the setting used leads to open a 3x Analyzer or 3x workbook which is not supported/installed with SAPGUI 770.

Global: The default version can be set in Tx RRMX_CUST:

Client specific: In BEx Analyzer 7x you can override the global version in the "Global Settings". Make sure that flag is not set for "Launch SAP BW 3x BEx Analyzer from SAP GUI":

User specific: You can maintain the parameter RRMX_VERSION in the user profile. Logon to backend and navigate: System > User Profile > Own Data > TAB Parameters. Enter the Parameter RRMX_VERSION = 70.

2 - Prerequisite

3 - Minimum requirements for RRMX to work.

  • The SAP AG or SAP SE certificate should be valid/OK on the PC as described in note 1742365. Regarding this please also review wikipage Certificates in BEx Analyzer and Workbooks.
  • Note 1599266 in Version: 4 must be fully implemented.
  • To establish the connection after the BexAnalyzer is launched, automatic logon to BW server is done with a help of a logon-ticket. This logon-ticket is generated based on Single-Sign-on(SSO) ticket OR Secured-Network-connection(SNC) ticket. When SSO is disabled then SNC is used, thus, in this case, SNC must be enabled. In note 1498947 you find information about setting of logon tickets login/create_sso2_ticket and login/accept_sso2_ticket. AT LEAST ONE of the following requirement must be fulfilled as described in note 1498947.
    • Is SSO for SAP-LOGON ticket working?
      • To check: Execute Tx RZ11:
        • Profil Parameter: login/accept_sso2_ticket -> Display -> Current Value = 1
        • Profil Parameter: login/create_sso2_ticket -> Display -> Current Value = 1 OR 2
        • Profil Parameter: login/ticket_expiration_time -> Please increase this value in case you get an error something like "The system received an expired SSO ticket".
        • Profil Parameter: rdisp/max_wprun_time -> Please increase this value in case you get an error something like "Time limit exceeded". Recommended is 3600 seconds.
      • If you observe any issue in this check, please consult SAP Notes in the area of BC-SEC-LGN for assistance.
    • Is SNC active?
      • To check: Execute Transaction SM51. In menu select 'GOTO-> SNC Status'.
      • All application server should have an active 'SNC status'
      • If you observe any issue in this check, please consult SAP Notes in the area of BC-SEC-LGN for assistance.
  • When transaction RRMX is executed from BI system, the ABAP backend prepares a file RRMX.7xbex with all information necessary (including the logon-ticket as mentioned above) for establishing the connection with BExAnalyzer. This file has extension .7xbex that will be started. The file is downloaded temporarily into the folder "C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\SAP\SAP GUI\tmp". The user should have the WRITE authorization for this folder. The path of the folder is determined via method cl_gui_frontend_services=>GET_TEMP_DIRECTORY. As explained in note 1442303 point 2.2 and note 1807477, please confirm it is working properly.
    Should the Method cl_gui_frontend_services=>GET_TEMP_DIRECTORY not return the desired folder, please open an OSS ticket on component BC-FES-GUI for assistance. Please also have a look at 1562985
  • If using SAP_BASIS 7.00, ensure that the SAP_BASIS 7.00 Support Package 27 (or higher) is applied and ensure that the 7.00 kernel has patch 129 or higher.
  • User needs S_GUI authorization (Authority Object: 'S_GUI', ID : 'ACTVT', FIELD : '61').

4. Trace 

  • Please read and follow note 1437575
    1. Download the attachment "" that contains one configuration file.
    2. Extract the compressed file and copy the "BExAnalyzer.exe.config" file in the folder "%ProgramFiles%\SAP\Business Explorer\BI" where the BExAnalyzer.exe is located as well.
    3. Create a folder with name "Temp" on your Local Disk C.
    4. Run BExAnalyzer.exe from "%ProgramFiles%\SAP\Business Explorer\BI".
    5. Now, in the "C:\Temp" folder you will find the trace file "BExAnalyzer.log".
    6. Please attach this file "BExAnalyzer.log" to the incident

5 - Specific Issues

  • When there are multiple application servers that are load balanced, load balancer selects an available server at any point of time. So based on the active server, RRMX has to make the connection. Implement note 1610061 and maintain the parameter ANA_RRMXP_USE_IP as mentioned in the note.
  • If the client PC and the BW server are in different DNS domains ensure that the instance profile parameter SAPLOCALHOSTFULL is specified with the full qualified host name of the server as mentioned in note 1471630
  • When launching BExAnalyzer through transaction RRMX, if RSADMIN parameter REUSE_XL_INSTANCE is not set to DISABLE and an Excel instance is already running then a VBA popup appears asking to save changes you made to 'Object'. Please consider note 1443825
  • In the case of a scenario that includes access from external clients to which the server names are unknown, the parameter ANA_RRMXP_HOST (described in note 1291645) wouldn’t be enough for establishing the connection. In that case please also implement the note 1548170, additionally specifying the parameter ANA_RRMXP_GUIHOST as described in that note.
  • In case the scenario includes access from external clients to which the server names are unknown remove the parameter ANA_RRMXP_HOST from the RSADMIN table if exists as mentioned in note 1548170
  • One of the following parameters can be used to control usage of BexAnalyzer. If you are using these parameters please consider the note 1473879 to understand the effect.
    • VER_MIN_ANA_7X

6 - Specific Issues with Workbook start from Portal (iView / Tx RRMXP)

  • When there are multiple application servers that are load balanced, load balancer selects an available server at any point of time. Based on the active server, RRMX has to make the connection. Please apply the correction of the note 1721965
  • Please apply the correction of the note 1499983
  • Please check the setting required for the automatic connection/logon 1646433
  • There are 2 methods to launch a workbook from the portal. This is described in note 1646028 and Online Documentation: BEx Analyzer Workbook as an iView in the PortalUse:
    • Create an iView of type SAP Transaction iView.
    • Modify following iView parameters. You can find all these parameters in iView property category "Content - Transaction":

      NameValueAdditional Information
      Application ParametersWBID=<Workbook ID> Without any value only BEx Analyzer is started. You can also open a query with value: QUERY=<Technical Name of Query>
      Process First Screentrue
      SAP GUI TypeSAPGUI for Windows
      Technique to start SAPGUI for WindowsSAP Shortcut File
      Transaction CodeRRMXP
    • Here you can see an example from iView Definition.

    • If you execute the iView in portal a file is generated to run backend transaction RRMXP. This transaction creates a .7xbex file (Folder = C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\SAP\SAP GUI\tmp) which starts the BEx Analyzer to open the workbook.
    • Methode 1 = Calling via Transaction RRMXP:
    • Methode 2 = Calling via BSP Application
  • If SAPGUI window is not hidden after BExAnalyzer is started via RRMXP or Portal and has to be closed manually, then consider note 1499568
  • The connection transfer to the BExAnalyzer fails because the host can only be accessed using the fully qualified hostname. please consider note 1291645 and maintain parameter ANA_RRMXP_HOST
  • When launching BExAnalyzer via transaction RRMXP the started Excel process does not exit when Analyzer is closed. It is still visible in the task manager. In addition, an error message that macros can contain viruses may appear when closing BExAnalyzer. Please consider note 1278220 (SAPKW70021)
  • The BEx Analyzer integration into the portal is using the 3.x iView. Google Chrome is not recommended for the 3.x iView. See note  1655306


7 - Limitation

This new architecture has some limitations:

  • Reusing of Excel instances is not supported. Every call will launch its own Excel instance.
  • *.bex file is no longer used. Therefore creating a shortcut from BEx Browser won't work rather give out a memory error.
  • Connecting to BW server via Microsoft Applocale and then calling TA: RRMX is no longer supported.

Your Analysis

  • Applying the above-mentioned recommendations solved most RRMX issues in the past.
  • Once you have applied the recommendations and in case issue remains please answer ALL following questions.
01. Please attach the installation check file. - Note 1229206
    Attached file name:
02. What is the BW system id? Which BW version and support package are you using?
03. Is the SAP SE certificate valid/OK? For details see point "3 - Minimum requirements for RRMX to work" above.
04. Is Addin BExAnalyzer.xla loaded when started via START->PROGRAM->Business Explorer->Analyzer?
05. Do you see yellow *help button*?
06. Can you logon to desired BW system with user and password when analyzer is started via START->PROGRAM->Business Explorer->Analyzer?
07. Are these notes implemented:
	7.1 - 1599266 (Version: 4)
	7.2 - 1807477
	7.3 - 1873134
	7.4 - 2203639 ?
08. Do you see *both* the profile parameter 'login/accept_sso2_ticket=1' *AND* 'login/create_sso2_ticket=1 OR 2' ?
09. Is SNC active on ALL Application server? Check with Transaction SM51, menu->GOTO->SNC status.
10. What is the value of GET_TEMP_DIRECTORY?
11. What is the kernel patch?
12. Does the user have *S_GUI* authorization?
13. Is BExAnalyzer.log attached?
14. Does any point mentioned in *Specific Issues* relavant in your case?

Answer the following if the issue is with the workbook start from the portal (iView or RRMXP):
15. Is note 1499983 applied?
16. Does transaction RRMXP start the BEx Analyzer and open the workbook correctly?
17. Does transaction RRMX start the BEx Analyzer correctly (connected to BW system) ?
18. Are you using Methode 1 = Calling via Transaction RRMXP?
19. Are you using Methode 2 = Calling via BSP Application?
20. Is the property of the iview defined as mentioned at this wikipage point 6? 
21. Have you attached a document which shows ALL iView properties?

Link to this page:
Bridge KBA: 2533924 - Checking transaction RRMX with SAP GUI 740/750