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SAP Gateway Introduction & Overview

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Introduction to SAP Gateway and customer use case American Airlines

Video | 05:26 min | Jan 2014This video provides American Airline's SAP Gateway use case along with the product introduction. Within this 5 min. video you get the essential steps to build applications using SAP Gateway. You will also find more reference customers and SAP internal products built with Gateway solution.

SAP Gateway: Introduction 

Video | 10:34 min | Jan 2014This introduction video explain how SAP Gateway helps to resolve business challenges by connecting Data, workforce and customers, liberating your SAP data to quickly and easily create applications, mobile apps or cloud-based services. This video covers the SAP Gateway's key capabilities. In addition it shares the top customer use cases such as the ones from American Airline's and University of Mississippi and the SAP products built with this solution.

iSales Insight Demo Powered by SAP Gateway and CRM on HANA

Video | 06:28 min | Jan 2014In this demo we will demonstrate SAP Gateway enabled application using innovative UI like voice input and integration with social media like Facebook and LinkedIn. This application is being used by sales representatives who are often on the go and need quick and easy access to information.

SAP Gateway: Technical Overview

Video | 12:40 min | Oct 2012This technical overview video explains what is OData and the architecture and key capabilities of SAP Gateway to create World Class Anywhere UX. In addition it shares the top customer use cases and the SAP products built with this solution.

SAP Gateway Service Builder

Video | 05:28 min | Oct 2012 

This lesson will give a general overview of the central tool to develop OData services with SAP Gateway

SAP Gateway Introduction and Architecture

Video | 46:27 min | Feb 2012

This video provides an introduction to OData, SAP Gateway, its architecture and deployment options

'Despite little notoriety, SAP Gateway making a big impact.'Blog | Aug 2014In this blog, SAP Mentor Paul Aschmann is describing the experiences with SAP Gateway and provides a personal evaluation.

 Information about SAP Gateway trainings (GW 100 and openSAP course) and available demo systems can be found in the 'Training | Demo' section of this self-paced learning pages.

Questions and Feedback

Please utilize the SAP Gateway forum if you have any questions or require guidance. You will receive help from SAP Gateway team members and/or other experienced forum members.