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SAP Gateway Installation and Configuration

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Based on SAP Gateway SP


Quick Starter Configuration Guide

Document | André Fischer | Jun 2014

 SP 06

This lesson will give a general overview of SAP Gateway configuration settings with regard to the basic software components GW_CORE, IW_FND and IW_BEP

Deployment Options

Video (07:10 min) | Tobias Griebe | June 2014

Document | Tobias Griebe | June 2014

Blog | André Fischer / May 2013

dependencies described in unit

This chapter provides several information sources on the deployment options of SAP Gateway helping you to decide on your ideal deployment approach according to your use case. Within the 7 min video we will describe the three possible deployment options with the respective advantages and disadvantages in detail (see also the related document). For additional information on this topic please check the linked blog ‘Deployment Options in a Nutshell’ in the SAP Community Network.

Setting Up SAP System Alias for SAP Gateway

Document | André Fischer | June 2013

 all SPs

This lesson explains how to set up an SAP system alias so that the SAP Gateway hub system can communicate with the underlying backend system (SAP Business Suite)

Deploying SAP Gateway in mixed (7.40 and earlier) environmentsDocument | André Fischer | Nov 2013 all SPsWith a growing number of customers deploying systems that are based on SAP NetWeaver 7.40 I am getting more often the question how to deploy SAP Gateway in system landscape because it is not clear which service pack of SAP Gateway 2.0 fits to which service pack of SAP NetWeaver 7.40 where Gateway is part of the Basis. This document tells you where to find this information.

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Questions and Feedback

Please utilize the SAP Gateway forum if you have any questions or require guidance. You will receive help from SAP Gateway team members and/or other experienced forum members.