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This wiki page is to clarify how the PO_POITEMX is mapped.
This wiki page will also explain the standard behavior that the GR_NON_VAL is not transferred to ECC . The ECC PO GR_NON_VAL flag is determined by customizing.


As MM standard function, in FM BAPI_PO_CREATE1 / BAPI_PO_CHANGE, the bapi_poitemx must be filled so that the data in bapi_poitem can be updated in MM.

As a SRM standard function, GR_NON_VAL in SRM-PO is not transferred to ECC. The ECC PO GR_NON_VAL flag  is determined by MM customizing.

Standard Behavior and Coding:

It is Mapped in ECC Include LBBP_BAPI_POF05

*set fixed x_values
wa_bapi_poitemx-po_itemx = 'X'.
wa_bapi_poitemx-no_more_gr = 'X'.
wa_bapi_poitemx-final_inv = 'X'.
wa_bapi_poitemx-gr_ind = 'X'.
wa_bapi_poitemx-delete_ind = 'X'.
wa_bapi_poitemx-stge_loc = 'X'.
*delivery tolerance has to be taken over
wa_bapi_poitemx-over_dlv_tol = 'X'.
wa_bapi_poitemx-unlimited_dlv = 'X'.
wa_bapi_poitemx-under_dlv_tol = 'X'.
*note 644721, the Goods receipt non-valuated should be set according
*to the backend customizing for this we have to clear the x-flag
wa_bapi_poitemx-gr_non_val = ' '.
wa_bapi_poitem-gr_non_val = ' '.

Call Stacks:


Please Note :

GR_NON_VAL is not transferred to BAPI_PO_CREATE1 with code :
wa_bapi_poitemx-gr_non_val = ' '.
wa_bapi_poitem-gr_non_val = ' '.

The re-determination occurs in backend system according to backend material group , account assignment category setting.

How the GR_NON_VAL is determined in ECC?

This flag can be determined from  non valuated material , Account assignment customizing , and multiple account assignment standard behavior.

Please also see the F1-Help for the 'GR Non-Valuated' Field (EKPO-WEUNB)
the Help Text states the following:

"Goods receipt, non-valuated:
Specifies that the goods receipt for this item is not to be valuated.
Set the indicator if goods receipts involving this material are not to
be valuated. The valuation of the purchase order item will then take
place at the time of invoice verification.
This indicator must be set in the case of multiple account assignment
for example.
If the indicator has been set for an item with the material type
non-valuated, the quantity recorded in Inventory Management can
differ from the value in Financial Accounting during the period between
goods receipt and invoice receipt, since the value is not updated until
the invoice is posted in Financial Accounting."

OME9 Customizing:

account assignment.jpg

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I have also attached the following notes for your reference:
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