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How to consume OData Services

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Based on SAP Gateway SP


SAP Gateway for Microsoft

Document | Holger Bruchelt | May 2014

Self-Paced Learning Wiki Document | Linda Peruzzi | May 2014


SAP Gateway for Microsoft is an interoperability framework from SAP that leverages SAP Gateway and Microsoft technologies enabling customers and partners to easily and quickly compose solutions that consume and extend SAP throughout Microsoft technologies for on premise and on demand deployment.

Duet Enterprise Self-Paced LearningSelf Paced Learning Wiki n.a.With Duet Enterprise being an SAP Gateway based product this refers to the corresponding self-paced-learning offering on the Duet Enterprise Curriculum.

Introduction to Mobile Solution Development

Document | Craig Haworth | Oct 2013

 SP 06

This guide you through the process of setting up the systems and installations required for performing the actual development work shown during the openSAP Introduction to Mobile Solution Development for the Enterprise course.

Introduction to Mobile Solution Development

openSAP course

 SP 06

In this course you will learn what it takes to make an enterprise-ready app with SAP mobile solutions which are based on SAP Gateway. The following aspects will be covered: Introduction to mobile development, enterprise mobility, creating an enterprise-ready application, OData, client design and implementation choices, enterprise security concept and outlook.

Introduction to SAP HANA Cloud PlatformopenSAP coursen.a.This course will introduce you to the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and show you how to take advantage of the various services it provides. The following aspects will be covered: Introduction to SAP HANA Cloud platform, persistency basics, advanced persistency features, user authentication and security, connectivity, as well as advanced features.

How to connect the SAP Business Suite to the SAP HANA Cloud Platform using Gateway as a Service Trial Edition

Blog | Martin Bachmann | April 2014all SPsThis blog shows how to bring data from a Business Suite System securely into the HANA Cloud via Gateway as a Service.

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