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Login to CMC and uncheck Use Impersonation

Go to Application-> Central Management Console-> Manage-> Program Object rights, uncheck Use Impersonation

Log in to Data Services Management console.

Click on Administrator->Management->CMS Connection, input the CMS connection information which Data services is installed on.

Create a Data Services bath job schedule in DS management console.

Click on Administrator->Batch->repo name-> Batch Job Configuration->Add Schedule.
Choose BOE Scheduler and input the required information for a schedule.

Login to CMC and check the schedule generated file.

There are two files generated under Folder Data Services, one is Program file and the other is a file with Job execution params. We can check schedule history from CMC.
Right click on BOESchedule Program and choose properities.We can see the logon user here is get from Data Services management console CMS connection(User account credentials for executing the program).

Go to Data Services repository and check schedule information.

Select the content from AL_SCHED_INFO table and we can see the job scheule information here. Column SCHEDULED_IN tells the scheduler type.

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