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1. During the starting of SAP system, events are written to log files. These files are extremely important from the point of view of identifying and troubleshooting problems. Logs of the SAP start process are stored in the file system and can be opened and read by the <SID>adm user.

2. Log file in Windows.

Filepath where logs reside : <Drive>:\usr\sap*<Sys-ID>\DVEBMGS<Sys-Nr>\Work*.
dev_w0 file contains logs about the current work process.
dev_dispatcher gives information about the dispatcher’s activities.
stderr files report errors with sapstart process.

3. Log file in Unix.

•    The path is typically : /usr/sap/Sys-ID/DVEBMGS<Sys-Nr>/work
•    dev_w0 work process contains information about the latest ABAP work process. But it can happen at time that the other work processes may fail or create errors. If that is the case , one has to identify the work process by its number and open the log file and examine the issue

4. Information about trace files.

During the start process, the STDERR<n> log files are created by the SAP service. The starting processes write to the individual files, depending on the sequence in which they are listed in the start profile. The contents of these log files therefore depends on the individual system setup, and could, for example, be as follows:
STDERR1: Information about the start process of the database system.
STDERR2: Information about the start process of the message server.
STDERR3: Information about the start process of the dispatcher.


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