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Several times, we are patching the system and need to know what
notes are present in a particular support package.

We can find the list of SAP Notes which are present in a particular support package using the below steps :

Step1 : Go to the Software Download Center
             ( - New Link

Step2 : Search for the Support Package. Here I am checking for the
             package SAPKE46CH7. You can use the below steps to search for
             the package.
            --> Search for the Software Download
                 --> Now search for the technical name of the package.
                         In my case it is SAPKE46CH7.

Step3 : Now you should be able to see the package. Click on the Text Description of the package.

             For Eg. In my case, R/3 HR Support Package H7 for 4.6C

Step4 : Now You should be able to see the application specific hierarchical list of Notes. 

             At the bottom of the page, you should see the option, expant list. Click on it.

Step5 : Now you can see the list of all the Notes in the Support Package.

            You can download this list by using the option 'Download list' at the bottom of the page.

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