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To provide a listing of important BW reports/programs.


These reports are useful for general BW system housekeeping & for solving known issues. I include important notes/KBAs for each report where necessary.


  • deletes delta DTPs that are no longer needed.
  • BW-WHM-DST-DTP tool.
  • SAP Note 1450242 - P24: Removing DTP from delta admin.: Logical deletion
  • If a delta DTP no longer transfers any data and it is foreseeable that it will never find new data in its data source, that is, it only generates empty requests, it makes sense to deactivate this DTP.



  • generate the new update programs from the template RSTMPLWIDTP and cleans up the staging table RSUPDINFO.
  • BW-BEX-OT-DBIF tool.
  • Refer to SAP Note 1152453 which explains the 3 parameters used within this report.


  • estimates the amount of memory the BW Infocubes would consume on the BWA Server if they were indexed.
  • BW-BEX-OT-BIA tool.


  • can be used for activation of InfoCubes or for just a single InfoCube.
  • BW-WHM-DBA-ICUB tool.
  • Selection can be done for cube type, infoarea, infocube and version.
  • If the A version is activated, it will not effect the M version;
  • If the M version is activated, it will overwrite the A version with the M.


  • checks & regenerates transformation objects in case of technical incompleteness or inconsistency of metadata, without creating a transport.
  • It not only activates the transformations but also reactivates the corresponding DTPs related to the transformations. So the impact is much more than the transfer structure.
  • BW-WHM-DST-TRF tool.
  • SAP Notes 1408161, 1471117 & 1507043.
  • It is meant only for regeneration of the active version. If the transformation has been changed manually and saved, the difference of the A and M version will be noticed and only a manual activation is possible since it is required that the changes are checked by the user. 


  • checks the layout of the routine source code of migrated transformations according to technical and semantic completeness.
  • BW-WHM-DST-TRF tool.
  • Introduced in SAP Note 1369395.


  • checks formulas and routines with regard to completeness or consistency of metadata.
  • BW-WHM-DST-TRF tool.
  • Introduced in SAP Note 1369395


  • repairs missing infocubes indexes.
  • Make sure no reporting is done while doing this.
  • check for running data loads before executing a repair.
  • SAP_INFOCUBE_INDEXES_REPAIR should not be executed too often; once a month is considered a high frequency.
  • It is not meant to be executed daily or weekly.
  • Do not to run it while loading data into InfoCubes that have their indexes dropped while loading. The report might eventually rebuild them and then loading against existing indexes may affect performance.
  • This job should not be regarded as replacement for usual index housekeeping, which is as follows:
    • Go to tcode RSRV and expand Tests in Transaction RSRV > Database.
    • In here, run the 'Database Indices of an InfoCube and Its Aggregates' and 'Database Statistics for an InfoCube and Its Aggregates' tests.
    • If there are any errors found in either of these tests, then repair (Correct Error) them on the affected InfoCube/s. Go the Repair index and repair the index before loading.
    • This should be done on a regular basis so to avoid long runtimes in SAP_INFOCUBE_INDEXES_REPAIR.

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