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  • What are the SAP resource dll's.
  • Patching the current dll's.


  • Saprc.dll and Saprcex.dll.
  • Patching the dll's.


Two dll's have been developed in order to make SAP R/3 a cluster-aware application  SAPRC.DLL and SAPRCEX.DLL.

Saprc.dll checks the color status of the SAP instance started with sapstartsrv.exe. This may be a central instance (in 6.40 for example or an  (A)SCS instance as of 7.00). But this can also be any other SAP Instance started with sapstartsrv.exe (SAP MDM for example or SAP Webdispatcher, if clustered). Starting / Stopping SAP Services during Failover: what is an SAP Service, the instance or the Windows Service belonging to that instance? The instance is started using resource DLL, the Windows Service of the instance is started indirectly via the defined resource dependency.

Saprcex.dll is implementing the parameters (private properties) dialog for the SAP Resource failover cluster resources. If this DLL is missing, Still able to administrate SAP Resources including the private properties. They are then shown in a simple listbox – without SAP Logo on the page, showing the private resource names instead of (localizable) Labels in front of Edit-Boxes.

 They are contained in Windows/system32 folder. There is only a non-Unicode version of the resource DLLs available that you have to download and to install.

1596496- How to update the Cluster Resource Monitor

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