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This document provides you a brief explanation and resolution of an error you may recieve when creating a new software component in 7.3 DI Template installer. 

Technical Details

Note : In the existing landscape , already CMS Wizard steps already done as per Now CM Services configuration configuration proceed.

Login to NWA using http://host:port/nwa and navigate to Configuration -> Scenarios and choose Configuration Wizard.

Select Create an Application Skeleton

 Follow the steps of the wizard and enter the logon data


Enter track information

Enter Software Component information

Then you recieve the following error;

The error is;
Validation Error: error during validation: XPath expression concat(concat('. [Missing SCs: ',/hasRequiredSoftwareComponentsOutput/Return/text()),' ]') cannot be applied to empty message 'hasRequiredSoftwareComponentsOutputMsg'


1. Define Custom Software Component: To create a custom Software Component in SLD you could try to use another Configuration Wizard, "Define New Software Component Version". You can access this wizard on the AS Java 7.30 with http://<host>:<port>/nwa > Configuration > Scenarios > Configuration Wizard > Show: "All Configuration Tasks" and Find: "Define New Software Component Version". For more information see the Wizard here.

2. Update CMS: Logon to CMS WebUI and navigate to landscape configurator. There you select domain data andpress update cms to sync latest SLD content.
3. Create Track: Having done the sync, you can create the track in tab track data. During Add SC you can select your SC.

4. Check in and Import SCAs (Software Component Archives): After the track is saved you need to copy the SCA files you used to install the AS Java to the CMS inbox folder (can be found in domain data) and then check in and import the files into dev and cons of the track.

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