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The purpose of this Wiki is to explain the status "Transaction Executing" in transaction SM58.


'Transaction executing' is the status when the SM58 entry is triggered for execution at the target and the source system is waiting for a response from the target system.

This status can occur when connecting to another R/3 system or connecting with an external program. In this wiki we will look at both options and provide troubleshooting tips.

"Transaction Executing" when connecting to another R/3 system

If you see status" transaction executing" in SM58 and the RFC destination is pointing to another R/3 system there are some points that can be checked:

Point (1):
You have to check in target system to see whether there are still running processes transaction (SM66) for the relevant user (this is the user you have setup in transaction SM59 on the source system for logging on to the Target system).  This user can be found in the"Logon & Security" tab of the used RFC destination. In the example below the user is USERA:


Also check if there are open RFC sessions for this user in the target system  (txn SM04):

Point (2):
If there is nothing running in the target that corresponds to these SM58 entries in the source system, is it possible that the network connectivity was lost. To check the network you can perform a LAN stability test with note 500235  to see if this is the case.

"Transaction Executing" when connecting to an external program

This has to be investigated from external side to see whether there are errors reported in the target application and whether
the errors are communicated back to SAP.

See note 532918  "RFC trace generation scenarios", section 2 "Communication from ABAP to an external program".

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  1. Has anyone found a way to monitor for the scenario documented here?  Definitely need to triage and figure out the cause, but also helpful to know when it happens.  I can't seem to find an CCMS alerts that look for this.