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How do you add the get support link to the login page? What is the difference between netweaver versions, This wiki pulls all the documentation together and will point to how to set up self serivce support options with some visuals to help.

Netweaver 6.40

For these versions it is just a matter of setting the following ume parmaeter:

ume.logon.logon_help= True

When this is set to true the "Get Support" link appears. Allowing user the ability through themselves or administrator to recover there password. Two more important related parameters:


By default this is set to false, once set to true it requires user to use there First Name and Last Name along with there user id and email address to identify themselves.


Enables a security question which is also needed to progress.

Once the correct details are entered a new password will be emailed to the user.

Netweaver 7.00 and above

For these version you need to create a new role and add the Logon_help action to it, then the role needs assigned to the default "Anonymous Users" group. Once done the "Get support" link will appear. Below I have created a new role: Logon_Help_Role

Help full link:

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