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This wiki’s purpose is to clarify the process of sending a PO as an e-mail using Internet mail (external mail).


This document shows with an example the settings and the relevant transactions involved in the process.


In case we send a PO via external mail, we have to take care of the basic settings contained in the note 191470:

  • E-mail address must be maintained into e-mail field in the vendor master data.

  • The same applies to your own user master.
  • A communication strategy needs to be maintained into the IMG. In this example for the output type NEU the standard communication strategy CS01 is used:

We define the communication strategy in Customizing as following

SAP Customizing Implementation Guide → SAP NetWeaver → Application Server → Basis Services → Message Control → Determine Communication Strategy

  • Standard SAP environment (program 'SAPFM06P', FORM routine 'ENTRY_NEU' and form 'MEDRUCK') is used as the processing routines.
  • In the condition record for the output type NEU, we use medium '5' (External send) and communication Strategy CS01. The following is the condition record in MN06 used for the example

  • The prerequisite for a correct sending is that the node is set correctly in transaction SCOT.


To be able to display, for example, the e-mail in Outlook, enter PDF as the format in the node.

Additional settings

  • We maintain the mail title in the condition record  via transaction MN04 for the output type NEU on the “Communication method” tab page. We enter the mail title in the “Cover Page text” field.We cannot maintain additional mail text.

 If the field “Cover Page text” is not maintained in the condition record, during the PO creation this field will be inherited from the customizing of output message NEU section “Mail title and texts”.

  • In order to provide specific information in the title of the e-mail, for the output message NEU we need to maintain the area “Replacement of text symbols” with program SAPMM06E and formTEXT_SYMBOL_REPLACE.


Create the PO and process the output message

We create the PO and the message output NEU is determined according to the condition record defined above (message NEU is processed immediately because we set dispatching time equal to 4). Here the details of the output processing log

Message output NEU has been processed successfully; as consequence a transmission request has been generated in transaction SOST. You can select your transmission request by Sender or by a Period.

Here you see the document title, the Sender and the Recipient. The sender, in this case, is the user who created the PO (= NAST-USNAM), the recipient is the vendor e-mail address.

How the E-mail looks like in the Sender inbox and in Vendor Inbox

  • Sender Inbox

If in transaction SCOT we set the Internet mail Confirmation of Receipt (SCOT >  Settings >  Confirmation of receipt)
Sender receives a confirmation that the email was transmitted.

We open the mail
And double clicking  on “Message headers” attachment , we jump on the following mail :
Note that the value from the field “Cover Page text” from condition record is used to create the description of the Subject.

  • Recipient (Vendor) inbox

Purchase order is sent as PDF attachment and value from the field “Cover Page text” from condition record is used to create the description for the attachment.
If  we open the PDF file, PO is showed


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  1. Former Member

    One Stop if anyone wants to send external email to vendor.

  2.  Is it possible to change the sender e-mail address?

  3. Yes it is please refer to note 2171371 SAP recently developed  BADI  - BADI_MM_PO_OC_EMAIL that allows for modification of sender e-mail as well as other things.


  4. Hi, 


    Good post, however I am trying to get this working in my client but no mail is sent. The message status is shown with a green light in me23n. Also when I try to see the processing log system says "No processing log exiats". Also there is no record in SOST.

    Thank you, 

  5. Alejandro have you gotten email to work?