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Temse store performance can be affected by the setting for parameter 'rspo/store_location'. The default value is db. It can be changed but what impact would it have on the system if changed?
Here is some backgroung information regarding the TemSe store. TemSe is the SAP store location for temporary sequential data. Temporary sequential data are objects that are not normally permanently held in the system and are stored in the TemSe.

The SAP spool system uses the TemSe to store output data temporarily.

In the SAP system the profile parameter 'rspo/store_location' to configure the TemSe database to store spool request data in the SAP database it's default parameter is set to db.

If experiencing poor TemSe performance and in order to help improve TemSe store performance there is the option to change the profile parameter rspo/store_location' in order to configure the TemSe database to store spool request data in the file system of the host operating system (parameter value to G from db).

Do this by setting rspo/store_location=G

The advantage with the file system location is that access is fast and thus increases performance.

It is important to be aware of the disadvantages. When stored on the file system the TemSe data must be backed up and restored via the operating system tools, not possible via database tools.

Also, it can be difficult to restore consistency between the data held in files and the TemSe’s object management in the database.

It is possble to set the profile parameter rspo/store_location via transaction RZ11 or via the device definition of an output device. Choose Edit -> Data storage

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