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When searching emails by assigned to "org. unit", it can be found mails from other Org Units may also show up to result list. This Wiki will introduce the ERMS mail search scenario.


The standard behavior for search by assigned to "org.unit" is that:

If you do a search for 'emails' assigned to "org.unit" , the system determines all users belonging to these units/this unit and gets the corresponding worklist for each user. The worklist consists of all emails assigned to a user and all emails that could be assigned to a user.  Please further check note 1464849  regarding why it is designed as above.


Please implement the BEFORE_SEARCH method of Badi CRM_IC_INBOX_BADI mentioned in note 1375170  and follow the instructions mentioned in it. This note offers the possibility to select Emails by org. unit.

  • After follow this note, you also need to make sure below notes are also applied.
  • Note 1400838 Agent Inbox: too few workitems found after note 1375170
  • Note 1404095 Workitem Search by 'Assigned to Me' returns too many results
  • Note 1836999 Search for e-mails by org. unit returns too many results
  • Note 1433713 Performance 'Assigned to' parameter in IC Agent Inbox


Please check below part "checking point" regarding how to achieve this and the relative checking points.

checking point:

1. Implement the BEFORE_SEARCH method of Badi CRM_IC_INBOX_BADI. An example of how this method could be coded is attached to note 1375710 . Please have a check.

2. You need to assign you user to corresponding org.unit which you want to route the mail to. 

3. Make sure the external address and internal address are maintained correctly in T-code: so28 and CRMC_ERMS_SM_PDET. You also need to make sure the type linkage is active and object category ERMSSUPRT2, Receiver Type WS00200001 is assigned correctly in T-code: SWE2.

4.Make sure the service is defined correctly in service manager.

Make sure you've maintained the directly called services correctly under service manager customizing. Please check note 1143079  and 1516469 .

You need to Change the Invocation Order of the services UT_WORKITEMTEXT and RE_RULE_EXEC such that the service RE_RULE_EXEC comes before UT_WORKITEMTEXT. 

 For Example: 

 InvocOrder  Service ID

 10      RE_RULE_EXEC


 You need to Add services InvocOrder  Service ID as below before RE_RULE_EXEC, so Container Elements(ACTIONS, ResponsibleNo) are updated correctly as well Workitem Text (SWWWIHEAD-WI_TEXT) .

 6    FG_BP

 8    FG_EMAIL

 9    FG_WI_CONT

For example, the service under my service manager profile is like below:

5. Assign the rule policy in service manager

6. Logon by role IC_MANAGER and make sure the rule policy is maintained accordingly. You need to route mail to corresponding org.unit.

7. You need to add an additional index to table SWWWIHEAD with the following fields:

  •  WI_TYPE
  •  WI_TEXT <<<<<<
  •  WI_STAT

    8. For ERMS emails (workflow TS00207914), this is generally the case if the ERMS rules are maintained correctly.

We need to assign Standard Tasks 207914 to Communication Methods INT.

9. Check that General task 207914 is assigned to Workflow template 200001 ERMS1 in t-code: crm_erms_wf_cust

10. Make sure event linkage is activated in t-code: crm_erms_wf_cust.

11. Check workflow is maintained correctly in t-code: SWDD.

12. Check the mail if received in t-code: soin via sapconnect, smtp. Or else you need to check SCOT settings.

13 Make sure the  WI_TEXT field of the workflow item in Table: SWWWIHEAD is filled by organizational unit.

14.Make sure responsible no is set in workflow item by T-code: SWI1.

You can also debug at:

  • the BEFORE_SEARCH method of your badi implementation for Badi CRM_IC_INBOX_BADI

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