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Sometimes you see error "Sales office ** sales group *** not maintained for sales area **" in the Bdoc when you download a customer from ECC to CRM.


In CRM trx PPOMA_CRM, the R3 sales area(sales organization/distribution channel/division) and sales office/sales group are not mapped properly to CRM counterparts.


You can check the sales area and sales office/sales group for the customer in VD03. You need to ensure they're mapped to CRM sales org/sales office/sales group in PPOMA_CRM.

You can either maintain it locally or use report CRMC_R3_ORG_GENERATE to load them from ECC to CRM.

One thing to note is, if your CRM org management is on 'Enhanced' mode, you need to ensure the right assignment of sales org/office/group is in place in the red-circled table below:
even if the correct assignment is reflected by org hierachy already, you still need to maintain this kind of assignment in the above red-circled table!

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