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The purpose of this page is to offer information related to the SAP Advantage Database Server product, which is not available in the more formally published documentation.

Advantage Database Server is a full-featured, easily embedded, client-server, relational database management system that provides you with Indexed Sequential Access Method (ISAM) table-based and SQL-based data access.

  • ADS Product Download from Developer Zone to version
  • ADS Product Download after
  • Detailed Supported Platforms and Supported IDEs
  • Product Availability Matrix
  • Advantage Database Server Q&A and Blogs
  • Advantage Forum at DevZone
  • Advantage Developers Zone (now read only, so please use the Community tags to stay up to date)
  • Useful Applications (Use Firefox to download until further notice)
  • ADS Knowlegde Base Articles and other support info
  • Advantage screencasts to guide you through your development process
  • Advantage 12 Online Helpfile
  • ADS Software Registration (version 8.10.x and earlier)
  • Advantage Database Server Hardware Requirement
  • Advantage Tech Tips
  • Chris Franz' Advantage Blog


SAP ADS Version 12.0. released!

ADS 12.1 and service update released and available to download.

ADS 12 Service Pack 02 available to download.

Advantage Getting Started Guides

Advantage Database Server version 11.10.

Create a high available Database Solution

ADS Sales Team & Roadmap                           

For order or 2 user developer version:


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