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In OBN (Object Based Navigation) Scenario , the most common error is :-
 " There is no iview available for system ....".

Now the error can be caused due to two following reasons :-

A)Missing Fix as per SAP NOTE 1386141 . Please check the SP level and version for the applicability.
B)Incorrect Configuration

The Error "There is no iview available for system ... " is generic and thrown by OBN Framework even if one step is
missing in configuration.
We will focus on the "Incorrect Configuration here" .

Before moving forward , you can also review the following links to get the idea of the OBN :-

1)Record an HttpWatch trace file to collect all needed information (i.e. SystemAlias, Business Object, Operation etc.) from the
 request to the OBN Component (
 The HTTP call would be recorded as :-

2)Now in the HTTP trace check the section "POST Data" of the above HTTP request . It will have the parameters like :
   Parameter             Value
   businessObjName       customer
   operation             block
   resolvingMode         SourceRole
   source                navurl://bf2478899cc394051333hg4692045
   sytemAlias            SAP_ERP_SalesService

Please note that Value of the parameter will depend on your business scenario.

3)The first basic step is to check whether the Business Object ( as mentioned in the parameter businessObjName) exist .
  Navigate to the Content Administration --> Portal Content and the search. The The convention for the search is: <SystemAlias>.<businessObjName>.
  If you do not get any business object then its means you need to configure the business object first.

4)Now check whether the Operation which was passed in HTTP request exist for this business object .Open the Business Object Editor (Locate in Portal Catalog) by Double click on it,
and you will get all the Operations for this Business Object.
 If you are unable to find the operation , then you need to configure the same first.

5)Further check the target iviews associated with this operation.Click on “Display iViews/Pages” button in order to see all the target iViews that was tagged with this operation.
  It will take some time to get the list displayed.

6)Now make sure that the needed Target iView is part of the list, and that it is assigned to a Role.

Most of the OBN errors are caused due to a wrong configuration of the OBN scenario rather than bugs in the OBN code.
Please check the each step of the above mentioned configuration thoroughly .
Nishant Vats