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Setting IdM remote dispatcher – manual for Oracle DB


If you have to set a remote dispatcher and you have the following case: IdM console in on machine  A and the remote dispatcher have to works on machine   B, the needed steps:

- IDM design time.
- IDM run time.  
- Java SDK X.x (the best case is to be the same version as it is on the primary server).  
- Oracle client & Oracle OLE DB provider(this provider is a part of the Oracle client). After the client installation the provider has to be activated.   

Note: Run the Oracle setup again and select option: Custom. On the next step you have to choose a component - Oracle Provider for OLE DB. Because in case, that the dispatcher is executing tasks on windows engine ,the task cannot be executed - if the provider is not activated.  

1. Copy the dispatcher (from  -…..\usr\sap\IdM\Identity Center\Service-Scripts) from A to the respective directory in B:

  • For each dispatcher are generated tree files(1,2 and 3) – you have to copy all of them

2. In the batch File(1) you have to set four variables with the updated directories(for machine  B):
3. From IdM console in A you should stop and uninstall the dispatcher:                                                                             
4. Then open your command Prompt(in B) navigate to IdM dispatchers directory, after you are there copy the dispatcher name into the command Prompt and execute(test config):
5. Install the dispatcher(if everything goes well with step 4) - install:
6. You can start the dispatcher from Services(in  B):

  • After that check if the dispatcher is running in IdM console(in A):
    Note: settings should be done, when the system is not busy: 

Needed configuration:

1.     First you have to set in the hosts-file(on B) the IdM DB IP address:                                                           

2.     Second - copy the Keys file(from A):