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When registering a monitored Java system in transaction RZ21 on the central system, you get the following error message:

No valid XML document received. ( http://<msg server>:<http port>/msgserver/xml/logon )


The error "no valid xml document received" is usually caused by specifying the wrong HTTP port number


In the field 'HTTP Port of the Message Server' enter the correct Java message server port number as follows:

  1. This should be 81XX (like 8101 for example)
  2. Check which SCSXX instance is configured for the system. For example if the instance SCS01 is configured, then the HTTP port number 8101 should be used for the JAVA message server
  3. You can also see the correct port number in the dev_ms trace file of the java system, in /usr/sap/<SID>/SCSXX/work/dev_ms. In this dev_ms file there should be a line like: [Thr 1] ** HTTP port 8101 state LISTEN **
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