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Query 1
FPS report does not report the Permit Number assigned to Payroll Area via tax reference number.
Permit number will be blank for test environment
Please check the FPS from your Production system and this will have the permit number filled.

Query 2
Contracted out indicator in FPS does not flag when Employee  is in contracted out pension scheme and NI Category D.
The field Contracted out indicator is not used for the XML schema for 2013-14.It was used in the schema for 2012-13.Since we had to support for both the schemas, for testing (13/14) and live submission (12/13) purposes this field was not removed from ALV. This field is not used in XML file and will not be filled in FPS.

Query 3
For RTI reporting, we need to do a retro to the start of the tax year for leavers as advised in the RTI user manual. Could you advise me how to do a forced retro for leavers please?
The “Run Payroll up to” date (Field ABWD1) need to be set in Infotype 0003 for all of the leavers and
then retro the payroll back to April.

Query 4
when running the EAS, within the same Tax reference, there are two different payroll areas with different period dates. To run EAS report separately for them to be able to indicate in the selection screen a different end dates for each of them.
As per “HMRC” this would be a 'Split Schemes' scenario*See the information in the HMRC web below. That means that the EAS reports field “Number of parts” should be equal to “2”but it is showing a “1”
SAP do not support Parts Submission (although HMRC do accept parts), as this is for one PAYE reference all records will have to be submitted on one file .SAP only supports one EAS report per tax reference (no matter how many payroll areas are in that reference) This is the correct and standard behavior.

Query 5
As part of the RTI implementation and as mentioned in RTI user Guide, changes to PCR GG26 is not allowed, this is a SAP standard PCR and is locked by SAP, and is only in display mode. How can this be edited.
Please use the program RPUCTF00 to remove the edit lock on the PCR GG26. 

Query 6
We have an issue where by leaver form P45_rti (PC00_M08_P45_RTI_PBS) is being produced for future leavers where the leaving date is greater than current date + 30 days.
Previously, future leavers where the leaving date was greater than current date + 30 days, were reported correctly as errors due to the leaving date too far in advance.
This check is now not available in the P45_RTI report.
However it is the FPS which has this check where the leaving date will not be filled in case the FPS is run for an employee whose leaving date is greater than 30 days from current date.

Query 7
FPS Tax Codes for Leavers and P14 mismatch
The FPS reports the tax code in ST table and not the IT0065. It is only the EAS which reports the tax code in IT0065.With the new changes in place 0T will be used only if the p45 is issued for a leaver. The reason Why p14 and FPS doesn't match in this case is because FPS looks only at the for period results but P14 looks across payroll results for the whole year to come up with the data. It is possible to find the difference in the first run of your FPS but in the subsequent run for any leaver.The details should be correct as this is the cut-off period between the normal procedure and RTI.

Query 8
IRMARK for EAS/FPS/EPS submission of xml data
The XML generated in R/3 is only for display purpose and not for communication purpose.
For RTI, the original IRMARK is generated in the PI system. There could be no support provided  for display XML in R/3 B2A manager .Incase the file is being tested without the PI system in place, the validation of the XML file will not be possible, only the values in the ALV display can be checked. For validating the XML as it would be done at HMRC, the XML need to be generated in the PI system. All the fields which are not related to XML such as the IR Mark, which is generated from the body of the xml, can be validated at the ECC side.

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