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Batch Management is well integrated into all application areas in an ERP system.
This space is created so that ideas and information can be shared in a central place.

WIKI Space Editor: Ricardo Dias 

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Top Notes
2233958LO-BM : Summary of available FAQ / Consulting information
2019305Common errors in material goods movement posting using batch specific UoM
1873593Batch management flag is not possible to set / unset
1864835Error 12 126 Inconsistency in batch classif data => terminated
1632302Performance issue in MB56 or BMBC
Batch Specific Units of Measure

In process

Documentary Batch

In process



Important FAQ Notes
  • 2233958: Summary of available FAQ notes
  • 619911: FAQ: Batch determination 
  • 619912: FAQ: Batch Information Cockpit 
  • 619913: FAQ: Basic functions of batch management 
  • 619914: FAQ: Batch where-used list 
  • 616028: FAQ: Minimum shelf life processing 
  • 891902: FAQ: Batch level 
  • 1427890: FAQ: Standard characteristics
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