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The purpose of this wiki page is to clarify how header and item conditions work.


Header conditions are those which appear in the header level of any sales order. These conditions are to be entered manually and

get distributed automatically and the basis for distribution are taken from the NET VALUE of items mentioned at item level. 

Header Conditions

Header conditions apply to all items in the document and are automatically distributed to the items. A header condition can be based

on either a percentage or on an absolute amount. If you enter a header condition that is based on a percentage (for example, a discount

of 2%) the system automatically applies this percentage to all items in the document. If the header condition is an absolute amount, there

are two different ways in which the system can distribute the amount among the items in the document, the condition value of a header

condition is either a) distributed proportionally among the items or b) the amount entered at header level is duplicated for each item.

 You control the distribution of absolute header conditions in the group price field per condition type. In the standard version, condition

type HB00 is marked as a header condition and as group condition. Condition type RB00 is only marked as a header condition:

R/3 Header Conditions

R / 3 includes the following header conditions:

  • Percent discount (HA00)
  • Absolute discount (HB00)
  • Freight (HD00)
  • Order value (HM00)

Pricing Conditions Tables

KONV  -  Database table for all item conditions
KONH  -  Conditions (Header)
KONP   - Conditions (Item)
KONM  - Conditions (Quantity Scales)
KOMW - Conditions (Value Scales)

KOMK  -  Header communication structure
KOMP -   Item communication structure
KNUMV  - inks conditions in table KONVto the document in table EKKO
KNUMH  - links the condition tables to time dependent condition records

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