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The BW Accelerator enhances SAP NetWeaver BW performance based on SAP's search and classification engine TREX, and on preconfigured hardware delivered by SAP hardware partners. It is packaged as an appliance for use with SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) and provides enhanced performance for online analytical processing in an Enterprise Data Warehousing IT scenario. Please have a look at "BWA - Concept and Overview" which provides an overview-description on the BWA.

BWA is based on a client/server architecture. The client component is integrated into the BW-application that uses the TREX-functions and allows communication with the BWA servers. This page will focus on the BWA-topics which concern this client component in the BW-system f.e. connection between BW and BWA, creation of indexing-jobs sending indexing-requests to the BWA-server, etc. Please follow this link for BWA-topics which concern the BWA-server only (f.e. maintaining the TREX-parameters, checking the load-situation in the BWA-server, etc. > component: BC-TRX-BIA).

CSS component: BW-BEX-OT-BIA

SAP Online Documentation

BWA Search

SAP Support Troubleshooting Guideline

BWA Topics

Types of Infoproviders using BWAWiki-Page:
Indexing / Indexing Performance

Consulting Notes / KBAs:

  • 1789310    How to run report RSDDTREX_SINGLE_TABLE_INDEX (KBA)

  • 2022826    How to check BWA indexes inconsistency

  • 1871808    BWA indexing statistics data in table RSDDSTATTREX and RSDDSTATTREXSERV

  • 1871790    BWA Troubleshooting: Analyzing Indexing Performance

  • 1161395    Parallelization of data indexing in the BIA

  • 2030254    How to set NUMPROC and BATCHPARA


High Memory

Consulting Notes / KBAs:

  • 1796356    How to address unloads and memory problems in Business Warehouse Accelerator

  • 1767424    How to verify if your BWA is overloaded?

BWA connection to BW

 Consulting notes/KBA

  • 1757655    RFC failure - Cannot register TREX/BIA Registered Server Program with Gateway
  • 1916242    How to simple address RFC issues in BWA
  • 2030187    ICM_HTTP_TIMEOUT error


BW-Query execution with BWA

Consulting Notes / KBAs:

  • 1168412    Temporary Indexes on BIA with BI 7.X
  • 1060387    Analysis with incorrect results in BIA queries 1018798 Reading large data volumes from BI Accelerator
  • 1161525    Do not use BIA for queries: Setting the NOHPA indicator
  • 1495735    check of changed records between DB and BIA after changerun
  • 2056505    How to proceed in case of "wrong/no data with BWA"-problems
  • 1789331    Analyse and correct wrong data returned by query when BWA is used
  • 2204696    How to identify inconsistent BWA-indexes in the BW query-result [VIDEO]
  • 2196028    How to check the content of a MD-table indexed in the BWA [VIDEO] 
  • 1871604    BWA Troubleshooting: Analyse Poor Query performance

  • 1871275    Runtime spent for Query

  • 1858333    Query Execution Mode "2/3" reads more data than "0"


Troubleshooting Guidlines