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  1. Start, by opening up the query designer from the programs menu.
  2. Next, select one of your shared queries from the new shared roles (or create a new query).
  3. Once the query has been open (or a new one created and saved).  Select the Query menu option, and select Publish, and BEx Broadcaster.
  4. A new window will open, prompting you to log onto the SAP Portal (if you are not logged on already).  Once logged on, click the Create New Setting button.
  5. This will open up new information on the screen
  6. From this screen, set the Distribution Type as “Broadcast to Portal”. 
  7. Next, set the output format as “On-line link to current data”.
  8. Select the radio button, “Export Documents to Other Folder”
  9. Click on the ICON for the folder selection
  10. This will open up a new dialog box, where you can select the Collaboration Room
  11. Pick the appropriate collaboration room, and select the Documents Folder.
  12. Then select the Transfer Button
  13. Click on the Execute button.  You will see the progress of the Broadcast to the portal.  If it is all green, then it was successful.
  14. Users will now be able to see the query in the collaboration room you selected.
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