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  • Report RSBKDTPREPAIR – DTP Repair
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The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of report RSBKDTPREPAIR.


RSBKDTPREPAIR  is a report that activates inactive DTP’s with or without a transport request.  

How to use it?

Call transaction SE38  with function module RSBKDTPREPAIR .

  • Source System of DTPs
  • Object Version (A or M)
  • Selection of DTPs
  • With Transport (Tickbox to create a transport request)

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Notes describing and correcting function module RSBKDTPREPAIR are below:

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1632276  Regenerating active DTPs using RSBKDTPREPAIR
1588517  SP27:DTP: Buffering switched on unnecessarily
1585947  No BDLS for DTPs with error DTPs
1493756  P25:DTP:Transport system: Error message in rpt RSBKDTPREPAIR
1489612  P25:No BDLS for error DTPs
1420085  P24:DTP: RSBKDTPREPAIR and deactivated error handling