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Problems during Inbound Processing of IDoc´s - Inbound IDoc´s remain in status 64 and are not processed automatically


Despite of having maintained the setting 'Trigger Immediately' in the Partner Profiles (transaction WE20), the Inbound IDoc´s are not processed automatically and passed over to the application


Inbound IDoc, OYEA, OYEB, Workflow, SWU3


Possible reasons:
Check in the Partner Profiles (transaction WE20), which processing option is set. There you have following two options:

1. Trigger by background program
The inbound IDoc is processed in the background.
In this case, make sure, that the report RBDAPP01 is scheduled in the transaction SM37 as a regular job with the correct variant to process all IDoc´s, which have this processing option maintained. Is the right variant used? This can be checked in the transaction SE38.
The scheduler of the job must have all necessary authorizations to start this job with the report. Check in SM37, whether the jobs could be run without errors. There, also the job logs can help further, if the IDoc´s still have the status 64.

2. Trigger Immediately
First of all, read following SAP notes dealing with this issue:

555229   ‘IDocs hang in status 64 for tRFC with immediate processing’
734576   ‘IDocs retain status 64, but should be processed immediately’
1055679 ‘IDoc-tRFC inbound with immediate processing may not work’
1068901 ‘IDoc file input no longer works synchronously’!

The ‘Process Immediately’ \ ‘Transfer Immediately’ options should not be used for high volume, noncritical transactions because they could lead to problems.
When using this setting, it is important to have sufficient ressources for the immediate processing of the inbound IDoc´s. One dialog work process must be available for every single IDoc. If this dialog work process is not available, the IDoc can not be processed and stays in status 64. Check SAP note no. 74141 ‘Resource Management for tRFC and aRFC’, where you can read among others as follows:
'… The rule should ensure that the number of dialog processes is greater than the number of NON dialog processes (BTC,SPO,UPD,UP2) ...'
Is this prerequisite fulfilled in the system?
How do the IDoc´s come to the system? If the IDoc´s are sent through tRFC, check the settings in the transaction OYEA:
IDoc Inbound from File
Synchronous Processing  à Is the flag set her?
Depending on, if the flag is set, there are two choices. The flag is set:
In the information to this field you can read as follows:
"Use this option if processing is not to take place using workflow or event control. In this case, further processing is not executed by the internal user WF-BATCH, but by the current user who has created the IDoc."
This is the case, when the flag is set, so no workflow is used for triggering the Inbound Processing.

Synchronous Processing - if this flag is not set, workflow is to be used for triggering the processing of your Inbound IDoc´s.
In this case, check in the overview of event linkages (transaction SWE2), if the corresponding event linkage is activated for following object:

Object Typ                 IDOCAPPL
Event                         INPUTSUCCESS
Receiver Type           TS77000466

If workflow should be used, the linkage must be activated! This can either be done in the transaction SWE2 by setting the flag, or by starting the transaction OYEB and activating there the flag.
At the same time, it also must be ensured, that the workflow customizing has been completed. For checking the workflow customizing in your system, use the transaction SWU3!
Otherwise, you can set the flag for 'Synchronous processing' in OYEA and then no workflow will be used!