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Update rule

Update rules are then used to specify how the data (key figures, time characteristics, characteristics) is updated to InfoProviders from the communication structure of an InfoSource.

You can still use this concept, although we actually recommend switching to the new transformation concept as of SAP NetWeaver 7.0.


You are connecting an InfoSource with a data target. An update rule must be specified for each key figure and the corresponding characteristics of the InfoCube. For an ODS object, it must be specified for the data and key fields, and for an InfoObject it must be specified for the attribute and key fields.


Data Model – update rule



How can a target infoobject updated depending on the source field?

1. The characteristic of the InfoProvider also exists in the InfoSource.  

Create a direct assignement beetween the source fields and the target infoobject.

2. A characteristic of the InfoProvider does not appear in the InfoSource.

- Assign a suitable characteristic for the InfoSource with the same type (characteristic, time characteristic or unit characteristic) to the characteristic for the InfoCube.

- Write an update routine that calculates the corresponding characteristic of the InfoCube.

- Enter a value (constant) that you want the characteristic of the InfoCube to have.

- Fill the characteristic by reading the master data for another characteristic of the communication structure.

- Create a formula for calculating the corresponding characteristic of the InfoCube.

- Do not enter anything for the characteristic and leave it blank.

3. A characteristic exists in the InfoSource, but does not appear in the InfoProvider.

In this case, the corresponding characteristic is not updated.

Example: 1

Update Types 2

  • Addition:  Addition is not supported with the data types CHAR, DAT, TIMS, CUKY and UNIT. To be able to use the addition function, make sure the DataSource is compatible with an additive delta.

  • Overwrite:  Whether overwriting is supported is determined by the delta-compatibility of the DataSource.

  • no update




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