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This wiki article is intended to present the detailed layout of the bank statement file collections return  (Cobrança retorno) with Febraban format.


The section below will describe all the fields needed for the records of collections remittance (Cobrança retorno) file: File Header,  Segment T, Segment U, Lot Trailler, and File Trailler.

File Header

Field NameStructureLengthTypeSourceDescription
Codigo do bancoJ_1BDMEXH3-H3010C3 Bank Code 
Codigo do loteJ_1BDMEXH3-H3023NC4febko-emkey+6/febko-ktosb(4)Lot counter (sequential): statement key
Tipo de registroJ_1BDMEXH3-H3037C1"1"Hard-coded
Tipo de operacaoJ_1BDMEXH3-H3048C1"C"Hard-coded
Tipo de servicioJ_1BDMEXH3-H3059NC2"01"/febko-ktosb+8Identifier: Cobranca
Forma de lancJ_1BDMEXH3-H30611NC2febko-ktosb+5Statement account name
Layout do loteJ_1BDMEXH3-H30713C3"020 "layout version number
Empresa inscricaoJ_1BDMEXH3-H30816C1  
Tipo da empresoJ_1BDMEXH3-H30917C1"2" or "1"CGC (2)  or CPF(1)
Num. da empresaJ_1BDMEXH3-H31018NC15  
Cod. con. bancoJ_1BDMEXH3-H31133C20 Identification number at bank
Cod. AgenciaJ_1BDMEXH3-H31253NC5 Agency (bank key)
DVJ_1BDMEXH3-H31358C1 Ceck digit for agency
Conta numeroJ_1BDMEXH3-H31459NC12 Account number at bank
DVJ_1BDMEXH3-H31571C1 Contol digit for account number
DVJ_1BDMEXH3-H31672C1 Control digit for agency/account number
Nome da empresaJ_1BDMEXH3-H31773C30 Branch name
Inf. 1J_1BDMEXH3-H318103C40  
Inf. 2J_1BDMEXH3-H319143C40  
Numero retornoJ_1BDMEXH3-H320183NC8 Sequential file number
Data de gravacaoJ_1BDMEXH3-H321191C8 Creation date
Data do creditoJ_1BDMEXH3-H322199NC8SPACE 

Segment T

Cod. Do bancoJ_1bdmext-T010C3 Bank Code 
Codigo do loteJ_1bdmext-T023NC4cnt_lotLot counter (sequential)
Tipo de registroJ_1bdmext-T037C1"3"Hard-coded
Numero do registroJ_1bdmext-T048NC5 record counter per lot
Cod- mov.J_1bdmext-T0715NC2febep-vgextExternal transaction code
Cod. AgenciaJ_1bdmext-T0817NC5 Bank key withour checkdigit
DVJ_1bdmext-T0922NC1 Check digit agency
Num. Conta corr.J_1bdmext-T1023NC12 Account number
DVJ_1bdmext-T1135C1 Check digit account
DVJ_1bdmext-T1236C1 Check digit agency/account
Nosso numeroJ_1bdmext-T1337C20febep-chectBank identification
CarteiraJ_1bdmext-T1457C1febep-texts(1)Carteira code
Num. Do doc,J_1bdmext-T1558C15febep-xblnrDuplicata number (Nota fiscal + line number; sent backby bank)
Data venc.J_1bdmext-T1673C8 Valuta date (DDMMYYYY)
Valor do tit.J_1bdmext-T1781NC15febep-info1(13)/febre-vewzwAmount 
Num do bancoJ_1bdmext-T1896NC3  
Agenc. Cobr.J_1bdmext-T1999NC5febep-sgtxt 
DVJ_1bdmext-T20104C1 Check digti of agenc. Aobr.
Uso da empresaJ_1bdmext-T21105C25febep-avkon+febep-belnr+Information send back from payment
Cod. MoedaJ_1bdmext-T22130NC2 Currency code
Tiup ins. sac.J_1bdmext-T23132NC1"1" or "2"GCG/CPF code
Num.insc.J_1bdmext-T24133NC15 Tax number
Nome sacadoJ_1bdmext-T25148C40febep-partnName of bus partner
Numero contratoJ_1bdmext-T26188NC10 Contract number with bank
Valor da tarifaJ_1bdmext-T27198NC15febep-speskBank fees
Mot da occ.J_1bdmext-T28213C10  

Segment U

Cod. Do bancoJ_1bdmexu-u010C3 Bank Code 
Codigo do loteJ_1bdmexu-u023NC4cnt_lotLot counter (sequential)
Tipo de registroJ_1bdmexu-u037NC1"3"Hard-coded
Numero do registroJ_1bdmexu-u048NC5 record counter per lot
Cod- mov.J_1bdmexu-u0715NC2"00"Hard-coded
JurosJ_1bdmexu-u0817NC15febep-arrskInterest amount
DescontoJ_1bdmexu-u0932NC15febep-info2+13(13)Discount amount
AbatimentoJ_1bdmexu-u1047NC15febep-info+13(13)/febep-vwezwAbatimento amount
    (if intag = 30) 
Valor pagtoJ_1bdmexu-u1277NC15 Amount paid
Valor liquidoJ_1bdmexu-u1392NC15febep-kwbtrAmount paid
Outras despeasJ_1bdmexu-u14107NC15  
Outros creditosJ_1bdmexu-u15122NC15  
Data da ocorrenciaJ_1bdmexu-u16137C8 Payment date
Data do creditoJ_1bdmexu-u17145C8febep-budat (if filled)/febep-valutValuta date (DDMMYYYY)
Cod. OcorrJ_1bdmexu-u18153C4  
Data ocor.J_1bdmexu-u19157C8  
Valor occ.J_1bdmexu-u20165NC15  
Compl. Occor.J_1bdmexu-u21180C30  
Cod banco corr.J_1bdmexu-u22210NC3  
Nosso num.b.c.J_1bdmexu-u23213NC20  

Lot Trailler

Controle bancoJ_1bdmext3-t301 NC3 Bank code
Controle loteJ_1bdmext3-t302 NC4 Lot counter
Controle registroJ_1bdmext3-t303 NC1"5"Hard-coded
CnabJ_1bdmext3-t304 C9SPACEHard-coded
Quant. de registroJ_1bdmext3-t305 NC6 Numer of records in lot
Quant. de titulosJ_1bdmext3-t306 NC6 Number of positions
Valor tot simplJ_1bdmext3-t307 NC17add to tot-amount/febko-esbtrTotal amount of positions: Final saldo
Quant. de tit. vinJ_1bdmext3-t308 NC6 Number of positions
Valor tot vincJ_1bdmext3-t309 NC17add to tot-amount/febko-esbtrTotal amount of positions: Final saldo
Quant. de tit. caucJ_1bdmext3-t310 NC6 Number of positions
Valor tot caucJ_1bdmext3-t311 NC17add to tot-amount/febko-esbtrTotal amount of positions: Final saldo
Quant. de tit. DesJ_1bdmext3-t312 NC6 Number of positions
Valor tot desJ_1bdmext3-t313 NC17add to tot-amount/febko-esbtrTotal amount of positions: Final saldo
No avisoJ_1bdmext3-t314 C8 Number of avis 
CnabJ_1bdmext3-t315 C117SPACE 

File Trailler

Controle bancoJ_1BDMEXT1-T1010C3 Bank code
Controle loteJ_1BDMEXT1-T1023NC4"9999"Hard-coded
Controle registroJ_1BDMEXT1-T1037C1"9"Hard-coded
Quant. de lotesJ_1BDMEXT1-T10517NC6 Lot counter
Quant. de registr.J_1BDMEXT1-T10623NC6 Record conter per file
Quant. contas conJ_1BDMEXT1-T10729C211"000000"Hard-coded

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