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The purpose of this Wiki is to understand the concept of resubmission of RTI reports (for example FPS in this document) to HMRC Government Gateway & also to know where to check the Global ID for resubmission.


To know more about this behavior, we must first review the necessary information, and then know how to reproduce it.

After reading this article you will be able to identify the whole concept.

1. Obtaining the necessary information:

For replicating the above scenario, ensure that GBRTI payroll function in the feature GBCHG should have RTI solution active for the payroll area under which employee was hired.



Now the employee is hired from 01.04.2013 in the payroll area G1. After this, live payroll was run for the month of April 2013 i.e. period 1 2013 in RPCALCG0 report for this employee which will create RTI table in the payroll cluster of the employee. Exit the payroll in PA03.

2. Reproducing the behavior:

Please refer below screenshot where live FPS submission will take place for the above employee using the report RPCFPSG0 (test in live not ticked)


After execution of FPS report, below screen comes


Click on B2A Manager Button and then execute the record as below

Once you have submitted the FPS report in live, can’t be submitted again using the new submission option as it will throw an error. Refer below screenshots which evidence the same


Now you should follow the step numbers 3 & 4 to resubmit the file again.

3. Finding the Global ID:
Global ID can be located in 2 places

a) Run transaction PB2A_RTI and check for the record with which the file was submitted. Select the record and click on details button (magnifier button) as shown below



Clicking on the button will take you to below pop up where you can see the global ID as object ID



b) Second way is to check the employee’s payroll results in transaction pc_payresult and open the RTI table for the month for which FPS was run i.e. period 1 2013



4. Doing the resubmission of FPS file using the above Global ID:

Run the FPS report (RPCFPSG0) as shown below i.e. with option resubmission



Select the relevant global ID (found in step 3 above) from the F4 help / dropdown


Execute the report.


Since the FPS report was again run in live i.e. without ticking the test in live button, hence this time one more global ID will be generated as evident by refreshing the payroll results of the same employee or in the new entry in B2A Manager (transaction PB2A_RTI)


Hence next time if FPS resubmission is to be done, the latest global ID will be used.

5. See Also:

This Global ID is unique for single FPS submission. For example if 100 employees are processed for submission of their FPS for a current month, then 1 global ID will be generated for all in B2A manager as well as the payroll cluster (RTI table) of all the 100 employees.


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