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S NoReport nameDescription
1EKH0004SAP demo program that shows how to do 2D, 3D, and 4D graphics.
2RGUGBR00Substitution/Validation utility
3RHGEN00Regen PD and PA inconsistencies
4RHGRENZ0Delimit IT1000 and related 1001s. Program will delete any 1001 infotypes
5RHGRENZ2Delimit IT1001 only.
6RHGRENZ1bunch of records incorrectly, and need to change the end date.
7RKCTSEARSearch source code for up to two strings. Also see RSRSCAN1 and
8RPDTRA00List all HR transactions.
9RPUAUD00HR Report to list all logged changes for an employee. Uses the PCL4
10RPUAUDDLHR Report to delete audit data from the PCL4 Audit Cluster.
11RPUP1D00/10View/Delete data from PCL1 Cluster
12RPUP2D00/10View/Delete data from PCL2 Cluster
13RPUP3D00/10View/Delete data from PCL3 Cluster
14RPUP4D00/10View/Delete data from PCL4 Cluster
15RSABAPIVMass print/display of ABAP/4 help text
16RSAVGL00Table adjustment across clients
17RSBDCBTCSubmit a BDC job with an internal batch number and wait for the end of
18RSBDCDRUPrints the contents of a Batch Input session. No options for error
19RSBDCOS0Execute UNIX commands. Looks similar to the old SAPMSOS0 program that
20RSBDCSUBRelease batch input sessions automatically
21RSSDOCTBR/3 Table Manual – prints a list of all fields in the selected tables
22RSDBCREOClean batch input session log
23RSNASTEDProcess message control output for entries in the NAST table
24RSORARELGet the Oracle Release
25RSPARAMDisplay all instance parameters
26RSRSCAN1Search source code for a given string. Will also search includes. Also
27RSSNAPDLClean the old ABAP error dumps
28RSTBSERVCompare a contents of a table between clients
29RSTXFCONConverts SAPScript page formats
30RSTXSCRPSave a SAPScript layout set to disk, and load it back into SAP.
31RSTXTPDF4Pass the spool number of a report’s output to this program to have the
32RSUSR003Check the passwords of users SAP* and DDIC in all clients
33RSUSR006List users last login
34RSWBO052Change development class of a sapscript (provided by Alan Cecchini)
35RSWBO060put objects into a request and transport it to any other system
36 RHXEXI00Existing Organizational Units 
37 RHXSTAB0Staff Functions for Organizational Units 
38 RHXSTR02Organizational Structure with Persons 
39 RHXEXI02Existing Jobs 
40 RHSTEL00Job Index 
41 RHXDESC0Job Description 
42 RHXSCRP0Complete Job Description 
43 RHFILLPOSPeriods for Unoccupied Positions 
44 RHXEXI03Existing Positions 
45 RHSBES00Staff Assignments 
46 RHXDESC1Position Description 
47 RHXSTAB1Staff Functions for Positions 
48 RHXHFMT0Authorities and Resources 
49RHXSOLO00Planned Labor Costs 
50 RHVOPOS0Vacant Positions 
51 RHVOPOS1Obsolete Positions 
52 RHXSCRP1Complete Position Description 
53 RHSTR05Reporting Structure without Persons 
54 RHSTR04Reporting Structure with Persons 
55 RHXEXI05Existing Work Centers 
56 RHXSTRU06Work Centers per Organizational Unit 
57 RHXEXI04Existing Tasks 
58 RHXSTR07Activity Profile of Positions 
59 RHXSTR08Activity Profile of Positions with Persons 
60 RHEXIST0Existing Objects 
61RHSTRU00Structure Display/Maintenance 
62 RHINFAW0Reporting on an Infotype 
63 RHPNPSUBStarting an HR Report 
64RHINTE00Execute objects and relationships set up in Personnel Administration into Organizational Management
65RHINTE10Prepare integration of OM with PA
66RHINTE20Create missing objects of OM or PA
67RHINTE30to update the "Organizational Assignment" infotype (0001)
68RHINTECHECKChecks for any inconsistancies that occur during the PA-OM integration,
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