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To analyze network issue or measure network metrics you can test the connection using SAP's NIPING program. You can use NIPING to analyze the network connection between any two machines running SAP software.


Executing "niping" will show its manual as shown below:

Performing a Niping Self-Test

Starting the Niping Server on a Host by Executing "niping -s"

Starting the Niping Client by Executing "niping -c"

Connection/Ping Test on OS Level:

Check if the server is reachable. No data is written to the partner.

Connection/Ping Test  Application Level:

To check whether an NI-based application can be reached, use the option –X1 which sends a
NI_PONG and expects a NI_PONG message.

Connect to Dispatcher

Sometimes a connection test with the Ping/Pong message is not sufficient. With the option –X6, an invalid
message is sent to the partner, the response will be checked against the expected error message from the dispatcher.

Hostname Lookup

Service Name Lookup

Equivalent to host name look-ups: niping -v -H <host> -S sapmsEMR ;sapgw00 ;sapdp00

Local Interfaces

Print all interfaces which are handled as local by NI. On Linux, this list of IP addresses is important for the
gateway program.

Related Notes

SAP Note 500235 Network Diagnosis with NIPING
SAP Note 1100926 FAQ:Network performance

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