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The purpose of this page is to help troubleshoot errors of the type ‘No SchemaDefinitions available’


In PI, sometimes due to wrong ESR content, while trying to activate a channel or while trying to change an adapter configuration and save the same and then refresh the cache, we can see errors of the kind 'No SchemaDefinitions avaliable'. The main cause and how to prevent it will be discussed in this page     .

Issue Scenario

This error can occur in the following scenario:-

  1. You make a change in a communication channel/create a new channel
  2. You save the channel
  3. On trying to activate this channel, you see the below error(shown for SFTP adapter example)



Absent Adapter Metadata

Access the url http://<server>:<port>/CPACache/schemaupload.jsp

The page would look as shown below


If, for example, this issue is occurring for the JDBC channel, then generally, it would mean that the JDBC Adapter Metadata is missing. To troubleshoot and resolve this issue, you need to import the appropriate ESR content. The import is required for configuring the cross-system application in the Integration Directory. You have to import the appropriate adapter contents into the ESR. 

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