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2164726 - How to create the perfect incident for PP/DS (SCM-APO-PPS) component and subcomponents

Providing Feedback on KBAs

When you open a KBA in the Support Launchpad, you are not only able to rate it, but also write comments. Your feedback is welcome:

*** We actively check them to make sure the KBAs are easy to find and contain useful information which can solve the issue and/or provide a clear explanation to the system behavior


To provide a list of Knowledge Base Articles created in PP/DS area


This page will list all Knowledge Base Articles created in PP/DS area, both of the type "Problem" and also those of the type "How To", also identifying which component is affected

Knowledge Base Articles

2529225/SAPAPO/CDPSFUNCDISP017 - could not determine any alternative resourcesSCM-APO-PPS-DST-FCTProblem
2513723How-To: Change the Planning Log... setting to All Messages InteractivelySCM-APO-PPSHow-To
2501875/SAPAPO/RRP711: SNP orders could not be converted completelySCM-APO-PPS-SNPProblem
2493646SE37 gives COM Error for FM /SAPAPO/RRP_LC_PEGID_GET_IOSCM-APO-PPSProblem
2495041/SAPAPO/DMRES124: Resource is used as secondary resource in the PPMSCM-APO-MD-REProblem
2499912SAP_PP_Q001: receipts created too early with Fixed Lot-SizeSCM-APO-PPS-HEU-PPProblem
2459836 /SAPAPO/RRP214 - An error occurred during the lot-size orderSCM-APO-PPS-HEU-PPProblem
24585910APO_PPDS_ORDER_01 shows orders outside the horizonSCM-APO-PPS-EVAProblem
2447274Lot-Size settings are ignored in MTO and Project segmentsSCM-APO-PPS-HEU-PPProblem

/SAPAPO/RRP_HEUR070: "Heuristic is invalid" when running Product Heuristic


/SAPAPO/DELETE_PP_ORDER deletes orders outside horizon


/SAPAPO/CDPS_REPT: Multiple lines in Resource Utilization Details


Function not possible as objects selected for more than one order

2426853Selected Resource is not used as active mode in new planned ordersSCM-APO-PPS-DSTProblem
2421306Different alerts in DSPB and Product View with the same alert profileSCM-APO-PPS-DSTProblem
2419497/SAPAPO/OM_ERROR2124 - Schema type and client/planning version combination are incompatibleSCM-APO-PPSProblem
2415751GR activity not rescheduled after resource capacity changesSCM-APO-PPS-SCFProblem
2410262POV1: Output Resource has unexpected or blank valueSCM-APO-PPS-POVProblem

SAP_CDPBP_02 and SAP_CDPBP_01 executed without result

2394127/SAPAPO/CDPS0: Planned Order not created in empty gapSCM-APO-PPS-DSTProblem
2394102/SAPAPO/CDPSB0: Unfirm Objects does not clear Output Firmed flagSCM-APO-PPSProblem
2389070Unexpected display of decimal places in the Product ViewSCM-APO-PPS-PVWProblem

Scheduling in Non-Working times of a Secondary Capacity

2350319Product View: Availability date sequence of receipt elementsSCM-APO-PPS-PVWProblem
2367373/SAPAPO/RRP3: Blank Product Memo is shown at the Product ViewSCM-APO-PPS-PVWProblem

/SAPAPO/OM17 Operations check: "Operation of a planning version without order in liveCache"

2386050Planned Order creation fails with /SAPAPO/OM220 - "Two time intervals overlap that
should be separate"
2373378'Validity period cannot be adhered to' error during SNP to PPDS conversion of PurRqsSCM-APO-PPS-SCFProblem
2298319Target Stock Level Method 4 does not always maintain Available Quantity >= Safety StockSCM-APO-PPS-HEU-PPProblem
2300080How to consider Resource Time Buffer during scheduling in PP/DSSCM-APO-PPS-SCFHow-To
2158561Error converting planned order to production order - /SAPAPO/RRP_ATP002SCM-APO-PPS-ATPProblem
2299531"No value set defined" is raised when user tries to Download SNP BlocksSCM-APO-CA-CDP-BLKProblem
2298301How to hide a row from a chart at the DSPB with the Decision Table For RowsSCM-APO-PPS-DST-PREHow-To
2298000Error message "Fixing entry already exists" OR "Fixing entry does not yet" exist is raisedSCM-APO-PPS-FPProblem
2279404RRP2: The Opening Date is not displayed for a Planned OrderSCM-APO-PPSProblem
2273465PPT1: Deallocated orders are not displayed in the Production View: Periodic chartSCM-APO-PPS-PPTProblem
2246864Transition type "Setup Transition Without Changing Setup Key" not taken into accountSCM-APO-PPSProblem
2245030/SAPAPO/RRP3: unexpected End of Checking Horizon during ATP Check for In-House ProductionSCM-APO-PPS-ATPProblem
2245091Order Priority and Sort Profile during ATP Check for In-House ProductionSCM-APO-PPS-ATPProblem
2244236Scheduling error No valid modes available for activity in the Detailed Scheduling Planning BoardSCM-APO-PPS-SCFProblem
2244396POV1: Product moves when processing status is set for the pegging areaSCM-APO-PPS-POVHow To
2244270Receipts View: No products found when a Target Location is specifiedSCM-APO-PPSProblem
1502684Deleting Unfixed Receipt Elements in PP/DS PlanningSCM-APO-PPS-HEUHow To
1523746Inserting an operation in the DS planning board fails on mode with priority Z="Manual
selection only"
1553509How to switch from ALV to the Simple View in the Product ViewSCM-APO-PPS-PVWHow To
1623521 Period lot-sizing procedure influences planning time fenceSCM-APO-PPSHow To
1628246Product View Icon in transaction /SAPAPO/RRP1 displays incomplete dataSCM-APO-PPSProblem
1651960Planning Calendar is not considered during planning with Product HeuristicSCM-APO-PPSProblem
1658701 Production List: activities are shown as firmed even though they are not date-fixedSCM-APO-PPS-EVAProblem
1665005Reuse Mode "Use Suitable Receipts" is not taken into accountSCM-APO-PPS-HEU-PPProblem
1726040How to reverse "Partially Confirmed" status of a planned orderSCM-APO-PPS-PPCHow To
1727863Error Message /SAPAPO/RRP_PT015 in Product OverviewSCM-APO-PPS-POVProblem
1736951Dump SYNTAX_ERROR When calling PPDS optimizerSCM-APO-PPSProblem
1749731Message SV119 in PP/DS customizing maintenanceSCM-APO-PPSHow To
1758184Product view: Periodic - Original forecast quantity is not displayedSCM-APO-PPS-PPTProblem
1762500Same parameter selection in PPDS global settingSCM-APO-PPSProblem
1811202Product view: Display the fields Days' Supply and Selection Rule at the same timeSCM-APO-PPS-PVWProblem
1812078Error message /SAPAPO/OM008 raised without a concrete product-location informationSCM-APO-PPSProblem
1821739Sales orders with quantity 0 in Product ViewSCM-APO-PPS-PVWProblem
1849040 How to add a new push-button to the receipt view in transaction /SAPAPO/RRP4SCM-APO-PPS-PVWHow To
1885008PP/DS Production Planning Run increasing table /SAPAPO/ALERT_HPSCM-APO-PPSProblem
1891542The requirement quantity for sales orders is not displayed correctly in the product
view (transaction /SAPAPO/RRP3)
1894949Fixed pegging affects Days' Supply calculationSCM-APO-PPSProblem
1906589Days' Supply Type at the Product View and PPT when Alert Profile is setSCM-APO-PPSProblem
1944413Detailed scheduling planning board display text information in operation chart
with overlopping text
1944439Error occurred when Converting SNP orders to PP/DS ordersSCM-APO-PPS-SNPProblem
1952445Change Order Priorities heuristic (SAP_PP_012) and Order Priority 255SCM-APO-PPS-HEU-PPProblem
1957695Purchase Requisitions are created too far into the futureSCM-APO-PPSProblem
1959071TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAILED with Fix Pegging heuristics SAP_PP_011
and SAP_PP_019
1959081Handling/Transport resources are not assigned to GR/GI/TR activities in PurRqsSCM-APO-PPSProblem
1959378Report /SAPAPO/DELETE_PP_ORDER does not create Planning File EntrySCM-APO-PPSProblem
1960168Objects Outside Propagation Range are selected at the DS Planning BoardSCM-APO-PPS-DSTProblem
2001026"Entry only in liveCache" Error for Setup Matrices in /SAPAPO/OM17SCM-APO-PPSProblem
 2103878 Short dump CREATE_DATA_UNKNOWN_TYPE for Product Variant orders SCM-APO-PPS-PVW Problem

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