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To provide a list of Knowledge Base Articles created in PP/DS Integration (SCM-APO-INT-PPS) area


This page will list all Knowledge Base Articles created in PP/DS Integration area, both of the type "Problem" and also those of the type "How To"

Knowledge Base Articles


INT-PPS Different dates for PrdOrd near Daylight Saving Time

2184011Sequence-dependent setup activity does not have a modeProblem
2255782APO-> ECC: Could not explode phantom assembly, error message MD511Problem
1667611Production Order Rescheduled after ConfirmationProblem
1668000"Inactive Setup Activity" flag for sequence-depend. setup activities only (/SAPAPO/OM_ERROR371)Problem
1695500R/3 -> APO: Planned Order has queue error "invalid time interval" Message No. /SAPAPO/OM011How To
1695946How to Correct Inconsistencies in table /SAPAPO/CIFLOOKU for In-House ProductionHow To
1725644When publishing Manufacturing Order to the ERP system, system issues a timeout errorProblem
1727854APO -> R/3: Incorrect MRP Controller assigned to Planned OrderHow To
1811983R/3 -> APO: SNP Order is not reduced properly after conversionHow To
1829923BOM missing in planned orders published from SCMProblem
1891961Troubleshooting guide: Planned Orders are not published to ECC after SNP PlanningHow To
1894033Troubleshooting guida: Setup activity has at least one mode that does not cover. Message no. /SAPAPO/OM_ERROR253How To
1939877Inconsistent entries in CIFORDMAP table causing problem during order integration from SCM to ECCProblem
1955063Manufacturing Order End Date set to year 2037 in APOProblem
1970557TECO, CLSD PP Orders are sent to APOHow To
1976540Dates in Order Header are changed after confirmation in Production OrderHow To
1990122CIF transfer of orders fail with Order Type X Order number xxxxxxx Method with error message /SAPAPO/OM_ERROR215Problem

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