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ASE Create Utilities Errors (2100s)


New Writeups: 2116

2103      16           Cannot create a trigger on a view, name: %.*s
2106      11           Cannot create a trigger on table '%.*s', because this  table does not exist in database '%S_DBID'.
2108      16           Cannot CREATE TRIGGER on table '%.*s',because you can only create a trigger on a table in the current database.
2109      16           Cannot CREATE TRIGGER on table '%.*s', that accesses 'inserted' or 'deleted' because the table was created with the no_log option
2110      20           The proccreate() function is trying to put too many lock requests in the lock_requests[] array.
2111      16           Create trigger aborted. User's cuwrite is not equal to the hurdle of table '%.*s'.
2112      16           CREATE TRIGGER failed on table '%.*s' because it is a system table. Triggers are not allowed on system tables.
2113      16           Can not create an instead of trigger on a table, name: %.*s
2114      16           Can't create an INSTEAD OF trigger on view %.*s since the view is defined with CHECK OPTION.
2115      16           Warning: Although minimal logging is enabled for this table, %s operation on table '%.*s' will be fully logged if this trigger '%.*s' is enabled.
2116 *    16           CREATE TRIGGER failed because selecting from a TEXT, IMAGE, UNITEXT or off-row Java datatype column of the inserted or deleted table is not supported.
2117      16           Cannot create trigger on %S_MSG.
2119      16           Cannot replace trigger '%.*s' on table '%.*s' because the trigger has been created on a different table.
2120      16           There is already a trigger with order number %d defined on table '%.*s'. Choose a different order number for trigger '%.*s'.
2121      16           Trigger creation fails. You have already created the maximum number of triggers for the %S_MSG action on the %.*s table.

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