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Unfortunately having it configured to point to SAP's Help Portal is not advised or supported and we recommend that you install a local copy of the SAP Library for your users. Please see the following note thanks.

    - 874583     Connecting the help to the SAP Help Portal

As per the note:874583. service is for the exclusive as an external source of infomation and should not be configured in SR13 on a customers landscape. A local copy of the SAP Library should be installed on the customers network and access configured in SR13 for your users.

The SAP Help Portal at serves exclusively as an external source of information.

SAP does not offer support for and actively discourages you from directly connecting the information that is available there to the system.


 - The URLs used are not firm and could change completely due to necessary architecture tasks.  - When maintenance is in progress, round the clock availability cannot be guaranteed.  - The content may be removed or changed by SAP.  - Loadbalancer automatically changes the server when the maximum load is reached.

As a result we offer support for, and recommend the Documentation CDs and DVDs that are delivered with the respective products for help connection.

Please go to the following area of the SAP Service Marketplace;

Link: -> 'Other Documentation' -> 'SAP Library' -> and download the appropriate version of the install guide for installing the SAP Library online help.

Use transaction SR13 to configure the SAP Library. One tip you should always utilise is, make sure you can enter the path to the SAP Library files in Windows Explorer and test the access to the files etc. then use this path in your configuration in SR13 (unless using a local web server version of course)

Please read the information in the following attached Notes;  857216 - SAP help files (.chm) not displayed correctly  101481 - Collective note: Application help and R/3 library


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