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Documented in 15.7 TSG: 102, 107, 195
New Descriptions: 137, 187, 193

ASE Parser Errors (100s)

101        15           Line %d: SQL syntax error.
102        15           Incorrect syntax near '%.*s'.
103        15           The %S_MSG that starts with '%.*s' is too long. Maximum length is %d.
104        15           Order-by items must appear in the select-list if the statement contains set operators.
105        15           Unclosed quote before the character string '%.*s'.
106        16           Too many table names in the query.  The maximum allowable is %d.
107        15           The column prefix '%.*s' does not match with a table name or alias name used in the query. Either the table is not specified in the
                             FROM clause or it has a correlation name which must be used instead.
108        15           The order-by position number '%ld' is out of range of the number of items in the select-list.
109        15           There are more columns in the INSERT statement than values specified in the VALUES clause.  The number of values in the 
                             VALUES clause must match the number of columns specified in the INSERT statement.
110        15           There are fewer columns in the INSERT statement than values specified in the VALUES clause.  The number of values in the
                             VALUES clause must match the number of columns specified in the INSERT statement.
111        15           %s must be the first command in a query batch.
112        15           Variables are not allowed in %s statement.
113        15           Missing end comment mark ''.
114        15           '%.*s' is not a recognized DUMP DATABASE/TRANSACTION truncation option.
115        15           The offset '%d' given in a CONTROLROW command does not correspond to the beginning of a statement.
116        15           The symbol '*' can only be used for a subquery select list when the subquery is introduced with EXISTS or NOT EXISTS.
117        15           The %S_MSG name '%.*s' contains more than the maximum number of prefixes.  The maximum is %d.
118        15           '%s' option name length plus value string length must total less than %d characters.
119        15           Must pass parameter number %d and subsequent parameters as '@name = value'.  Once the form '@name = value' has been used,
                             all subsequent parameters must be passed in the form '@name = value'.
120        15           The SELECT list for the INSERT statement contains fewer items than the INSERT list.  The number of SELECT values must match the number of INSERT columns.
121        15           The SELECT list for the INSERT statement contains more items than the INSERT list.  The number of SELECT values must match the number of INSERT columns.
122        15           The debug option '%d' is larger than the maximum allowed.  The highest option available is %d.
123        15           Must attach a value to the binary prefix '0x'; zero-length binary value is not allowed.
124        15           CREATE PROCEDURE contains no statements.
126        15           Cannot nest CREATE PROCEDURE statements.
127        15           This CREATE may only contain 1 statement.
128        15           The name '%.*s' is illegal in this context. Only constants, constant expressions, or variables allowed here.  Column names are illegal.
129        15           Fillfactor '%d' is not a valid percentage; fillfactor must be between 1 and 100.
130        15           The comparison operator '= ALL' is not currently supported.
131        15           The size (%d) given to the %S_MSG '%.*s' exceeds the maximum.  The largest size allowed is %d.
132        15           The label '%.*s': has already been declared. Label names must be unique within a query batch or stored procedure
133        15           A GOTO statment references the label '%.*s' but the label has not been declared.
134        15           The variable name '%.*s' has already been declared.  Variable names must be unique within a query batch or stored procedure.
135        15           Cannot use a BREAK statement outside the scope of a WHILE statement.
136        15           Cannot use a CONTINUE statement outside the scope of a WHILE statement.
137        15           Must declare variable '%.*s'.
138        15           Illegal correlation clause in a subquery.
139        15           Cannot assign a default value to a local variable.
140        15           Can only use IF UPDATE within a CREATE TRIGGER.
141        15           A SELECT statement that assigns a value to a variable must not be combined with data-retrieval operations.
143        15           A compute-by item was not found in the order-by list.  All expressions in the compute-by list must also be present in the order-by list
144        15           Cannot use an aggregate in an expression used for the by-list of a GROUP BY clause.
145        15           A subquery with no aggregate functions may only contain expressions in its GROUP BY clause that are in the select-list.
146        15           Cannot perform an aggregate function on a column from a table not declared in the same subquery.
147        15           An aggregate function may not appear in a WHERE clause unless it is in a subquery that is in a HAVING clause, and the column being
                             aggregated is in a table named in a FROM clause outside of the subquery.
148        15           Incorrect time syntax in time string '%.*s' used with WAITFOR.
149        15           Time value '%.*s' used with WAITFOR is not a legal value.  Check date/time syntax.
150        15           Both terms of an outer join must contain columns.
151        15           '%.*s' is an invalid money value.
152        15           Subqueries that use DISTINCT with a GROUP BY clause are not currently supported.
153        16           Variables/Parameters are not allowed in the ORDER BY clause.
154        15           %S_MSG is not allowed in %S_MSG.
155        15           '%.*s' is not a recognized %s option.
156        15           Incorrect syntax near the keyword '%.*s'.
158        15           Too many ORDER BY expressions.  The maximum is %d.
159        15           For DROP INDEX, must give both the table and the index name, in the form tablename.indexname
160        15           Rule does not contain a variable.
161        15           Rule contains more than one variable.
162        15           The select list item identified by the order by number '%ld' is a '*', rather than a column name.  When ordering by column number, 
                             a column name must appear in the select list position that corresponds to the order by number.
163        15           The COMPUTE BY list does not match the ORDER BY list.
164        15           GROUP BY expressions must refer to column names.
165        16           Privilege %s may not be GRANTed or REVOKEd.
166        15           %s does not allow specifying the database name as a prefix to the object name.
167        16           May not create a trigger on a temporary object.
168        15           The %S_MSG '%.*s' is out of the range of machine representation (%d bytes).
169        15           Expression '%d' and '%d' in the ORDER BY list are same. Expressions in the ORDER BY list must be unique.
171        15           Can't use SELECT INTO in Browse Mode.
172        15           Can't use HOLDLOCK in Browse Mode
173        15           The definition for column '%.*s' must include a datatype.
174        15           The function '%.*s' requires %d arguments.
175        15           Functions may only be nested to level %d.
176        15           Function '%.*s' is not yet implemented.
177        15           %s cannot create a temporary object (with '#' as the first character name.
178        15           A RETURN statement with a return status may only be used in a SQL stored procedure.
179        15           Can't use the OUTPUT option when passing a constant to a stored procedure.
180        15           There are too many parameters in this '%.*s' statement. The maximum number is %d.
181        15           Can't use the OUTPUT option in a DECLARE statement.
182        15           Table and column names must be supplied for the READTEXT or WRITETEXT utility.
183        15           The scale (%d) for column '%.*s' must be within the range %d to %d.
184        15           Invalid money datatype specification for column '%.*s'. Only money(19, 4) is allowed for non-external tables.
185        15           Data stream is invalid for WRITETEXT command in bulk form.
186        15           Data stream missing from WRITETEXT command.
187        15           Odd number of bytes in IMAGE data.
188        15           Can't specify a log-device in a CREATE DATABASE statement without also specifying at least one non-log-device.
189        15           Function '%.*s' requires %d to %d arguments.
190        15           Can not update the global variable '%.*s'.
191        15           Some part of your SQL statement is nested too deeply. Please re-write the query or break it up into smaller queries.
192        15           Can't create a view inside a stored procedure.
193        15           The object or column name starting with '%.*s' is too long.  The maximum length is %d characters.
194        10           Warning: Precomputed result set is being created with %s option, so it will not be %s.
195        15           '%.*s' is not a recognized %S_MSG.
196        15           SELECT INTO must be the first query in a SQL statement containing set operators.
197        15           WITH CHECK OPTION is not allowed in the definition of a union view.
198        15           Browse mode is invalid for statements containing set operators.
199        15           An INSERT statement may not contain a SELECT statement that assigns values to a variable.




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