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ASE Query Processor Errors (400s)

No new writeups yet.

Existing TSG Writeups: 403, 414, 428

Error     Severity    Description

401        16           Unimplemented command or expression %s.
403        16           Invalid operator for datatype op: %s type: %s.
405        20           Cannot route query results - query internal representation corrupted - for operation %s, datatype %s.
406        23           Ord_needed: Can't find index for varno=%d, objid=%ld.
407        19           You query creates too many internal work tables and/or user tables: the maximum is %d. Simplify the query and try again.
408        20           Is_var: Unknown data type %d.
409        16           The %s operation cannot take a %s datatype as an argument.
410        20           Compute clause #%d, 'by' expression #%d is not in the order-by list.
411        20           Compute clause #%d, aggregate expression #%d is not in the select list.
412        16           Cannot update more than 1 sysindexes row at a time.
413        17           Maximum procedure %s count exceeded.  Limit is %d. Modify the procedure to use fewer %ss.
414        16           The current query would generate a key size of %d for a work table.  This exceeds the maximum allowable limit of %d.
415        16           The current query would require an index on a work table to be built with %d keys.  The maximum allowable number of keys is %d.
416        16           Create of work table failed because row size would be %d.  This exceeds the maximum allowable size of a row in a table, %d.
418        20           Can't find the real column name corresponding to the column heading '%.*s'.
420        16           The TEXT, IMAGE and UNITEXT datatypes cannot be used in an ORDER BY clause or in the select list of a query in a UNION statement.
421        16           TEXT, IMAGE, UNITEXT and off-row Java datatypes may not be selected as DISTINCT.
422        19           Too many nested expressions or logical operators to compile. Try splitting query or limiting ANDs and ORs.
423        20           Table referenced in a foreign key constraint is missing, database = '%S_DBID', table = '%S_OBJID'.
424        20           Failed to enforce a referential constraint, database = '%S_DBID', table = '%S_OBJID'.
425        20           Referencing table in a foreign key constraint is missing, database = '%S_DBID', table = '%S_OBJID'.
426        20           Primary key column referenced  in a foreign key constraint is missing, database = '%S_DBID', table = '%S_OBJID'.
427        20           Referencing column in a foreign key constraint is missing from system catalog, database = '%S_DBID', table = '%S_OBJID'.
428        20           There are more than %d referential constraints on table %.*s. Please reduce the number of referential constraints before trying this query.
429        18           Invalid constraint type passed to compile referential constraint.  This is an internal error.
430        18           Constraint id info in the resvar for check constraints is missing.  This is an internal error, database = '%S_DBID', table = '%S_OBJID'.
431        26           Node off RESDOM is not MULTARG as expected.
432        16           Security Label datatypes may not be used in an ORDER BY clause.
433        17           Unable to allocate work table to process referential constraint. Query exceeds the maximum limit (%d) of work tables.
                             Either simplify the query or reduce the number of referential constraints on the tables involved in the query.
434        16           Work table cannot be allocated for processing the order by clause which requires a sort. Maximum limit (%d) of work tables is exceeded
                             while processing this query. Simplify the query and retry.
435        16           Database '%.*s' is not available.  The '%s' statement will not be executed because the cross-database referential constraint on
                             table '%.*s' cannot be enforced. Contact your System Administrator about the availability of database '%.*s'.
436        16           The '%s' statement will not be executed because the cross-database referential constraint on table '%.*s' cannot be enforced.
                             A table or constraint definition is missing in database '%.*s'. Contact your System Administrator.
441        18           Deadlock occurred in SQL Process %d, While accessing referencing tables.
442        16           Maximum number of user tables under all sides of a UNION statement can not exceed %d. Please simplify the query and retry.
444        16           The index %d for the table %ld was not found in database %d. The index may have been dropped while this query was being compiled.
445        16           Compute clause referenced too many variable length columns; note that each aggregate occupies 2 columns, except for the AVG which
                             occupies 4 columns. The maximum number of variable length columns is %d
446        16           The COMPUTE clause #%d, aggregate expression #%d may produce a result that is wider than 255 bytes, the maximum computed result allowed.
448        11           The %S_MSG created on %S_MSG '%.*s' is invalid because this %S_MSG no longer exist in %S_MSG '%S_DBID'.
449        16           UPDATE is not allowed because the statement updates view '%.*s' which participates in a join and has an INSTEAD OF UPDATE trigger.
450        16           DELETE is not allowed because the statement deletes view '%.*s' which participates in a join and has an INSTEAD OF DELETE trigger.
451        16           MERGE is not allowed because different MERGE actions are referenced in the same WHEN [NOT] MATCHED clause.
452        16           Abstract plan (AP) is not allowed in INSERT VALUES for non-dynamic batch insert case.
453        16           Invalid datatype for limit value, only INTEGER/INT can be used.      
454        16           Number of elements in the largest IN list of %d exceeds the configured maximum value of %d.
                             Either use sp_configure 'max number of IN elements' to increase the value, or break the query into smaller pieces.                                                         
455        10           Memory used in optimization has exceeded the limit of %d pages, which is %d%% of the procedure cache size. Please contact System Administrator to increase the limit.                                                                                                                         
456        16           Failed to execute %s, because this is a read-only connection. Read-only connections can only execute SELECT statements. Use 'set readonly off' to execute %s.                                                                                                                                           

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