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Initialization Errors (1600s)

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1601      21           There are not enough 'user connections' available to start a new process. Retry when there are fewer active users, or ask your System
                             Administrator to reconfigure ASE with more user connections.
1602      21           Unable to initialize network %d
1603      21           Process priority %d invalid or no process slots available
1604      21           Process not runnable or kpid %d not within range
1605      21           Failed to open virtual socket for new connections
1606      21           Failed to initialize network receive buffer
1607      21           Failed to initialize network send buffer
1608      18           A client process exited abnormally, or a network error was encountered. Unless other errors occurred, continue processing normally.
1609      21           Kpid %d out of range
1610      21           Could not kill process %d
1611      21           Could not install quit function
1612      21           Could not install attention function
1613      21           Could not close network %d connection for server process %d.
1614      21           Could not yield process
1615      21           Process unable to sleep
1616      21           Failed to flush receive stream buffer
1617      21           Could not infect process %d
1618      21           Could not spawn the checkpoint process, unable to continue.
1619      21           Could not open TEMPDB, unable to continue.
1620      21           Failure to open master db for the first time
1621      18           Type '%x' not allowed before login.
1622      18           Type '%x' not implemented.
1623      21           Warning: dataserver -p option fails.  Please check for state '%d' to see where it fails.
1624      18           Warning: Errors occured while initializing thresholds on tempdb. Trying to continue the startup. Thresholds might not be active on tempdb.
1625      21           Warning: dataserver -u option failed. Please check for state '%d' to see where it failed.
1637      16           Could not initialize SSL master context.
1638      16           Execution of login script '%.*s' failed with last error = %d. See server errorlog for details.
1639      16           Login script '%.*s' does not allow you to login to the server. Contact your database administrator.
1640      16           Adaptive Server requires encryption of the login password on the network.
1641      16           Local system temporary database for the instance '%s' (id %d) does not exist. Use CREATE DATABASE command to
                             create a local system temporary database for each cluster instance.
1642      16           The local system temporary database %.*s (dbid %d) exists for the instance '%s' (id %d) but it cannot be used because it is marked for drop.
1643      21           Could not open local system temporary database %.*s (dbid %d) of the instance '%s' (id %d).
1644      21           Could not open database 'model' as it is not recovered yet. Aborting the boot of cluster instance '%s' (id %d).
1645      10           The signature in the server certificate '%s' is invalid. Error %s.
1646      16           Warning: command 'addcert' adds cartificate path '%s' that has invalid dates.
1647      16           The certificate path '%s' that is entered for the command 'addcert' doesn't exist. Error '%s'.
1648      16           The trusted file path '%s' doesn't exist. Error '%s'.
1649      16           The Common Name in the SSL Certificate '%s' exceeds the Sybase limit of '%d'. Error '%s'.
1650      16           The configuration option SSL is not enabled.    

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