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Create Utilities Errors (1700s)

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1701      16           Creating table '%.*s' failed because the minimum row size would be %d bytes. This exceeds the maximum allowable size of a row for this table, %d bytes.
1702      16           %s failed because definition of column '%.*s' in table '%.*s' exceeds the limit of %d columns per table.
1703      17           Failed to allocate disk space for a work table in database '%.*s'.  You may be able to free up space by using the DUMP TRANsaction command, or
                             you may want to extend the size of the database by using the ALTER DATABASE command.
1704      16           Only the SA can create the system table '%.*s'.
1705      16           Must create system table '%.*s' in the Master Database.
1706      16           System table '%.*s' was not created, because ad-hoc updates to system catalogs are not enabled.
1707      18           Could not create system table '%.*s'.
1708      16           Warning: Row size (%d bytes) could exceed row size limit, which is %d bytes.
1709      16           Referenced table name missing in a referential constraint declaration on table '%.*s'.
1710      16           Referenced table '%.*s' specified in a referential constraint declared on '%.*s' does not exist in the database '%.*s'.
1711      16           There is no unique constraint on the referenced columns in the referenced table '%.*s' specified in referential constraint declaration on the table '%.*s'.
1712      18           Internal inconsistency - constraint exists in sysconstraints table, but not sysobjects table, id = %d.
1714      16           Exceeded maximum allowed referenced columns, %d, in a single referential constraint declaration, table = '%.*s', database = '%.*s'.
1715      16           The number of columns in a foreign key column list and primary key/referenced column list not the same in referential constraint declaration on table '%.*s', in database '%.*s'.
1716      18           Invalid system table given for status update, this is an internal error.
1717      16           System catalog column/table specified for status change not found.
1718      16           The number of columns in a foreign key column list is less than a primary/referential column list in a referential constraint declaration, table = '%.*s', data base = '%.*s'.
1719      16           Primary key does not exist for the table referenced in a referential constraint declaration, table = '%.*s', data base =  '%.*s'.
1720      16           A column referenced in a referential constraint declaration does not exist, referencing table = '%.*s', data base =  '%.*s'.
1721      16           Column types of referencing and referenced columns don't match. referencing column = '%.*s', referenced column = '%.*s'.
1722      16           Column lengths of string type referencing and referenced columns don't match. referencing column = '%.*s', referenced column = '%.*s'.
1723      16           Column precision and scale of numeric referencing and referenced columns don't match. referencing column = '%.*s', referenced column = '%.*s'.
1724      16           The number of columns in a foreign key column list is greater than a primary/referential column list in a referential constraint declaration, table = '%.*s', data base = '%.*s'.
1725      16           SELECT INTO failed because column %d in table '%.*s' has a null column name. Null column names are not allowed.
1726      18           Internal inconsistency:  database id %d sent to crt_main() does not match Pss->pcurdb value of %d.
1727      20           The crt_main() function is trying to put too many lock requests in the lock_requests[] array.
1729      10           An object with the same name, but owned by a different user, is already being replicated. The table '%.*s' is not marked as replicated.
1730      10           Due to an internal error the table '%.*s' is not marked as replicated. Please contact your System Administrator (SA) for help.
1732      20           Failed to reserve/initialize allocation hints space in table '%.*s'.
1734      16           You cannot specify both a default value of NULL and a NOT NULL constraint for column '%.*s' in table '%.*s'. Retry your command with only one of these column options.
1736      16           Cannot create auditing-related tables in any database other than sybsecurity database.
1737      16           Cannot create tables starting with 'sysaudits_'.
1738      16           Creating this referential constraint would result in the total number of referential constraints of table %.*s exceeding %d.
                             Please run: 'sp_helpconstraint %.*s' to find out the number of referential constraints that this table has.
1739      10           Warning: Parameter 'exp_row_size' is not applicable to table '%.*s' in allpages locking scheme
1740      10           Warning: Parameter 'max_rows_per_page' is not applicable to table '%.*s' in 'datapages' or 'datarows' locking scheme
1741      10           Warning: Parameters 'exp_row_size' and 'max_rows_per_page' both specified for table '%.*s'. Only parameter appropriate to
                             lock scheme specified will be used internally, but both are stored. See users manual for more information.
1742      16           Expected row size specified on table '%.*s' is invalid. Expected row size should be either 0, 1 or between minrow length %d and maxrow length %d
1743      10           Multiple lock schemes specified on the table '%.*s'. Lock scheme has to unique.
1744      10           Internal error: Dataonly Lock scheme is not supported on this system table '%.*s'. Contact SAP Technical Support for help.
1750      20           Failed to reserve attribute space for table '%.*s'.
1751      20           Failed to initialize attribute space for table '%.*s'.
1752      16           Table '%.*s' has fixed length schema. Parameter 'exp_row_size' is not applicable to tables with fixed length schema.
1753      16           DELETE STATISTICS failed on table '%.*s' see error log for more information.
1754      16           DELETE STATISTICS duplicate column '%.*s' specified, column can only be referenced once.
1755      16           DELETE STATISTICS column name '%.*s' not found.
1756      18           syscolumns cannot be read.
1757      10           UPDATE STATISTICS - could not obtain required locks on table '%.*s
1758      10           UPDATE STATISTICS failed to complete on table '%.*s
1759      16           Command '%s' number of step values requested '%d' must be greater than or equal to '%d' values
1760      16           UPDATE STATISTICS - index and column list cannot be specified at the same time
1761      13           Deadlock detected on '%.*s' while processing statistics
1762      18           Cannot insert rows into sysstatistics
1763      18           Cannot insert rows into sysstatistics, due to multiple equal frequency values, please contact SAP Technical Support
1764      18           Failed to insert row into worktable, when projecting base table on to work table for collecting statistics.
1765      10           Unable to start a level zero scan on table '%.*s' for UPDATE STATISTICS. This can happen if some DDL command like
                             ALTER/CREATE INDEX/REORG/DROP is active on the table.
1766      16           Cannot create syscoordinations tables in any database other than sybsystemdb.
1767      16           Number of variable length columns exceeds limit of %d for allpage locked tables. %s for '%.*s' failed.
1768      10           Warning: Potential offset of column '%.*s' (%d bytes) and subsequent variable-length columns in table %.*s exceeds limit of %d bytes for 
                             column-offset of variable-length columns in DOL tables. Future inserts to this table may fail.
1769      16           Variable-length column '%.*s' starts at column-offset %d bytes and is non-nullable. This will prevent inserting any data into that column as
                             the column offset exceeds the limit of %d bytes for column-offsets in DOL tables. %s '%.*s' failed.
1770      16           %s failed. Addition of column '%.*s' to table '%.*s' exceeds maximum row width. Rows must be between %d bytes and %d bytes.
1771      10           Warning: Maximum row size exceeds allowable width. It is being rounded down to %d bytes.
1772      10           Warning: Update of SYSSTATISTICS row (sequence no %d, format ID %d, column IDs: %s) failed. Statistics row deleted. Regenerate statistics for these columns.
1774      16           Incorrect UPDATE STATISTICS sampling percent '%d' requested. Enter a value between '0' and '100'.
1775      16           Temporary tables may not have referential integrity constraints.
1776      16           Virtual computed column '%.*s' cannot be referenced in any constraints.
1777      16           Cannot create index on a virtual computed column (%.*s). Modify it to materialized using the ALTER TABLE MODIFY commmand first and retry.
1778      16           Referenced database '%.*s' specified in a referential constraint declared on '%.*s' does not exist.
1779      16           You cannot preallocate %d pages for Virtually hashed table '%.*s'.
1780      17           Cannot allocate a worktable object id because all valid object id values are already in use.
1781      16           Creation of a proxy table across instances within the same cluster is not allowed.
1787      16           Only the database owner or a user with System Administrator privilege may create table '%.*s'.
1788      16           Cannot create referential integrity constraint on tables set up with minimal logging for data manipulation statements.
1789      16           You cannot delete system thread pools.
1790      16           Table '%.*s' cannot be compressed; none of the columns are compressible.
1791      16           NOT COMPRESSED option is not applicable on columns that can be compressed or in a table that has no table level compression schema or compressed partitions.
1792      16           You cannot use '%s' clause for column '%.*s' as it is not a LOB column.
1794      16           The previous 'alter thread pool %.*s' command is still in progress, hence the current command is aborted. Please try again !
1795      20           %s' failed because the dataserver was unable to allocate space for deferred table '%.*s' in database '%.*s'.
1796      10           In-row length %d derived for column '%.*s' is greater than the maximum possible allowed, %d, for %s datatype. In-row LOB length will be set to %d.
1797      16           Cannot resolve column name '%.*s' for table '%.*s'. The column grouping syntax is either '(col1[,col2]...])' or '(col1)[,(col2)]...]'.
1798      10           Column tuple such as (col_1, col_2, ... ) is not supported by hashed based statistics.

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