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No new writeups.

14100    21           Partition row for %S_PTNINFO not found.
14101    21           Insert of syspartition row failed.
14102    21           Delete of syspartitions row failed.
14103    21           Invalid setup status found in syspartition Manager during a call to: %s.
14104    21           No object id specified in syspartitions Manager call to: %s.
14105    21           Lookup during syspartitions management failed for %S_PTNINFO.
14106    21           Copy of syspartition row failed.
14107    20           Invalid partition descriptor field (%d) (%d) for %S_OBJINFO specified.
14108    21           Could not find partition descriptor for objid %d, indid %d, ptnid %d in dbid %d.
14109    20           Could not install partition descriptor for objid %d, indid %d, ptnid %d in db id %d.
14110    20           Invalid input to syspartition manager. Expected valid session descriptor for syspartition system table.
14111    21           Ptnid mismatch between partition descriptor 0x%x (ptnid %d) and page 0x%x (ptnid %d) for objid %d in dbid %d.
14112    21           Expected index descriptor to be set for objid %d in dbid %d.
14113    21           Couldn't find an available partition descriptor for system objects.
14114    26           Partition descriptor 0x%x is already installed on the hash table for objid %d, ptnid %d in dbid %d.
14115    20           Object with objid %d in dbid %d is not a table.
14116    10           Did not find table descriptor linked to process slot structure 0x%x when ASE tried to release it.
14117    20           Invalid transaction descriptor passed to the syspartitions manager internal function.
14118    20           Invalid index descriptor passed to the syspartition manager internal function.
14119    20           Index descriptor (0x%x) for objid %d in dbid %d is already linked to another transaction.
14120    26           Expected to find the partition descriptor for objid '%d' indid '%d' ptnid '%d' in dbid '%d', in a '%s' state (found state '%d' instead).
14121    26           Partition descriptor found was not expected to be in a %s state.
14122    20           Update failed. ASE could not find field '%d' within partition descriptor/buffer.
14123    21           Updating wrong ptnrow in dbid %d. Objid for actual row updated is %d, objid for intended row was %d. Partition id for intended row was %d. 
                             Partition page is %u, field updated is %d. Partition row address is 0x%x, row number is %d.
14124    20           The to be installed PDES existed already. Dbid %d, objid %d, partition id %d, state %d.
14125    20           Internal error occurred while running the sysindexes exerciser.
14126    17           Couldn't find an available partition descriptor. Raise the value of the configuration parameter 'number of open partitions' for more partition descriptors.
14127    16           Cannot drop or modify partition descriptor %S_PTNINFO as it is in use. Please retry your command later. Total reference count '%d'. Task reference count '%d'.
14128    16           Cannot install a partition descriptor for objid %d as a dbshutdown for the dbid %d is in progress.
14129    20           Update to syspartitions row for %S_PTNINFO failed.
14130    16           Cannot run '%s' on table '%.*s' because semantic partitioning is not enabled. A user with System Administrator (SA) role must reconfigure '%s' to 1.
14131    17           Could not allocate a local hash table for '%S_INDINFO'. Raise the value of configuration parameter 'procedure cache size'.
14132    21           Could not find partition descriptor for objid %d, indid %d, dataptnid %d in dbid %d.
14133    21           Could not find partition descriptor for objid %d, indid %d, partition '%.*s' in dbid %d.

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