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Create Database Errors (1800s)
1833Cannot create a system proxy database through T-SQL.

1801      16           Database '%.*s' already exists
1802      11           CREATE DATABASE failed. Some disk names listed in command were not found. Check that names exist and are spelled correctly before re-running
1803      17           CREATE DATABASE failed. Could not allocate enough disk space for a new database on the disks named in the command.
                             Total space allocated must be at least %d Mbytes (%ld logical pages) to accommodate copy of Model Database.
1804      10           There is no disk named '%.*s'. Checking other disk names.
1805      10           CREATE DATABASE: allocating %u logical pages (%d.%d megabytes) on disk '%.*s' (%u logical pages requested).
1806      21           Crdb_dbrow: Getnext SCAN_NOINDEX on sysdatabases.dbid failed to find row for MODELDBID.
1807      17           MODEL database in use, cannot create new database. Contact a user with System Administrator (SA) role before re-running CREATE DATABASE.
1808      21           Crdb_disk: Getnext SCAN_NOINDEX on sysdevices.status=DEFAULT failed to find default rows
1809      14           CREATE DATABASE must be preceded by a 'USE master' command.  Check with your DBO <or a user with System Administrator (SA) role> if
                             you do not have permission to USE master.
1810      16           CREATE DATABASE failed because of incorrectly specified or unavailable space. Total number of megabytes specified and available must be 
                             at least %d megabytes so Model Database can be copied to the new database.
1811      16           '%.*s' is the wrong type of device for CREATE or ALTER database. Please check sysdevices. The CREATE or ALTER is aborted.
1813      16           Cannot open new database '%.*s'. CREATE DATABASE is aborted.
1814      0             Could not create temporary database (dbid = %d). If out of space, please extend and reboot. Otherwise contact SAP Technical Support.
1816      16           CREATE or ALTER DATABASE failed because the device '%.*s' has no space available either for log or for data.
1817      17           The allocation of extents for %s in database '%.*s' failed.
1818      17           CREATE DATABASE failed because the device '%.*s' is not online.
1820      20           This command adds %S_MSG space to disk '%.*s', which previously contained only %S_MSG.  You must specify WITH OVERRIDE to force this allocation.
1822      16           Invalid database maxhold provided.
1823      16           Invalid label provided.  Dbmaxhold must be dominated by your maxwrite.
1824      16           Invalid label provided.  Dbmaxhold must dominate your minwrite.
1825      14           Invalid curwrite label for creating sybsecurity database, label must be DATA_HIGH.
1828      16           Cannot create sybsecurity with the log segment and the default segment on the same device.
1829      16           CREATE DATABASE failed because there is no space left on any of the data disk(s) specified.
1830      16           Cannot create a proxy database without a storage location defined: create database <dbname> with default_location = 'pathname' for proxy_update
1831      16           Cannot create this database since system proxy databases are enabled on the companion server in failed over mode.
1832      16           Disk '%.*s' is failed over. The CREATE or ALTER database command is aborted.
1833      0             Cannot create a system proxy database through T-SQL.
1834      16           CREATE DATABASE of '%.*s' failed because the name is reserved for failed over system database.
1835      16           Arithmetic overflow error for parameter '%s'.
1836      10           Warning: creating a proxy database whose estimated space requirements are %u pages, yet only %u pages are available.
1837      16           CREATE DATABASE failed to create a dedicated data segment. The specified data segment size is too small to accommodate the data from the model database.
1838      16           Cannot create the proxy database of database '%.*s' on the remote server under HA. The local database '%.*s' will be dropped.
1839      16           CREATE DATABASE of '%.*s' under HA failed. If the database '%.*s' exists, please use DROP DATABASE command to drop it first, then try CREATE DATABASE later.
1840      16           CREATE DATABASE failed. A temporary database cannot be created with the 'for load' option.
1841      10           Database '%.*s' does not exist. ASE will create it.
1842      16           %s failed. Database id %d is already in use in this server or is reserved for use in a HA configuration.
1843      16           %s failed. Database id must be less than %d because a non-system database is being created.
1844      16           %s failed. Database id must be greater than %d.
1845      16           %s failed. Database id is invalid. It must be less than maximum database id %d.
1846      16           CREATE DATABASE did not create local system temporary database '%.*s' because another local system temporary database '%.*s' already exists for cluster instance '%.*s'.
1847      16           CREATE or ALTER DATABASE failed. Private device '%.*s' can be used only for local user tempdb of the owning instance '%.*s'.
1848      16           %s failed. Device '%.*s' is a disk device. You cannot create or alter in-memory databases on disk-based devices.
1849      16           %s failed. You cannot create or alter in-memory databases on default devices.
1850      16           Failed to bind in-memory database to the in-memory storage cache '%.*s'.
1851      16           %s failed; cannot locate the template database '%.*s'.
1852      16           The database '%.*s' could be neither created nor altered because its template database '%.*s' is in use.
1853      16           %s failed. Template database '%.*s' is either offline or marked as suspect.
1854      16           %s failed because of incorrectly specified or unavailable space. Total number of megabytes specified and available must be at
                             least %d Mb so Template Database can be copied to the new database.
1855      16           %s failed because the template database specified, '%.*s', is not a disk-resident, local, user database with FULL durability.
1856      16           %s failed. Template database support is only applicable for databases with durability 'NO_RECOVERY'.
1857      16           %s failed. You can not create a database using both 'for load' and 'template' options.
1858      16           %s failed. You cannot create or alter database '%.*s' on multiple virtual cache devices that have been created from different in-memory storage caches.
1859      16           %s failed. Cache '%.*s' associated with virtual cache device '%.*s' is already bound to database with ID %d.
1860      16           %s failed because you can specify only one of the options '%s'.
1861      16           %s failed; Template database support is not available for temporary databases.
1862      16           %s failed. Failed to maintain attributes in database '%.*s' which are inherited from template database '%.*s'.
1863      16           %s failed. Alter the database '%.*s' to remove the TEMPLATE attribute before changing its durability to '%s'.
1864      16           dbid '%d' is unavailable until ASE finishes cleaning up locks belonging to a recently dropped database. Use a different dbid or try running the command later.
1865      16           Extending a database onto '%.*s' is not allowed because the database has mixed data and log segments.
1866      10           The request to create or alter the database '%.*s' asynchronously was ignored either because the database type does not support it, 
                             or it is being created or altered with the FOR LOAD option.
1867      16           Database '%.*s' is already at its maximum possible size. It cannot be made larger.
1869      16           %s failed. Device '%.*s' is not a valid imrslog device.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
1870      16           %s failed. You cannot create or alter the on-disk row storage log on default devices.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
1871      16           %s failed. Database '%.*s' does not have %s defined.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
1872      16           Internal error: Unable to insert %s fragments in the database diskmap. Please contact SAP technical support.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
1873      16           %s failed. The specified cache '%.*s' must be of type %s.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
1874      16           %s failed. Increase the size of the specified %s cache '%.*s' to at least %u MB for database binding to succeed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
1875      16           Creating %S_MSG database '%.*s' requires more large disk i/o buffers. The total number of buffers is controlled by the configuration parameter 'number of large i/o buffers'.                                                                                                                    
1876      18           The attempt to load database '%.*s' failed. It could not create the template database, required due to a previously unsuccessful database load. Before performing another load, drop and re-create the database.                                                          
1877      10           Warning: The imrslog fragments in database '%.*s' will be initialized synchronously because asynchronous initialization is not currently supported for imrslog.                                                                                                                                            
1878      16           %s failed because the maximum number of devices per database (%d) has been exceeded.                                                                                                                                

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